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  1. The eight types of cats of cats represent the representative:
    1, meow meow
    . When a cat emits this sound, it usually looks at you, indicating that it wants you to meet certain needs of it, or it wants to follow you from you This is caress.
    2, meow ~
    This is the extended "meow" sound, which shows that the cat is beginning to be impatient and a little unhappy. When it emits this sound It's not overlooked for too long.
    3, grunt
    This is what everyone is most often heard. Generally, it is very satisfying, but it should be noted that when the cat is uncomfortable, you will also give a grunt. For example Essence
    4, uhhhhh
    When it emits this sharp treble, it is similar to the dazzling vibrato, usually it shows its dissatisfaction. If the low nasal sound of "um ~ um ~" is issued, it means provocation and extreme anger.
    5, ha ~
    When it opens a big mouth to make a "ha ~ ha ~" sound, it is warning that you will not approach it anymore, it is on the edge of the furious It's right.
    6, oh ~ 呜 ~
    When the cat emits a high long sound, it means that it feels that it feels a threat to prepare for the defense attitude, and the two cats will appear in front of the two cats. Cats during the estrus will also howl.
    7, Kaka ~
    This kind of sound is usually a cat staring at the window to see the birds flying, and the chin keeps opening and closing, which makes this kind of slightly anxious sound. It is also a desire to hunt for hunting. Essence
    8, gahag
    usually cats make this sound before spitting hair, physical discomfort, or restraint, usually representing protests, tension, uncomfortable, etc.
    Extension information:
    Cats, belonging to cats, and separated cats and wild cats. They are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The ancestors of the family cats are speculated that they are desert cats that originated in ancient Egypt. Persian Persian cats have been domesticated by humans for 3,500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs).
    The general cat: round head, short face, five fingers of the forelimb, four toes of the hind limbs, sharp and curved claws at the end of the toe, and the claws can tease and shrink. Nights.
    The hunting other animals in an ambush can climb the trees. There is a fat meat pad at the bottom of the cat's toe, so as not to make a sound when walking, and it will not start running the mouse when hunting. When traveling, the paws are in a contraction state to prevent the claws from being blunt, and it will extend when the mouse catcher and rock climbing.
    Reference materials:
    Baidu 100-family-cat

  2. 1. Cat iconic meow. Cats rarely communicate with meow. Meow is the sound of cats invented by cats in order to communicate with humans. At a very early, cats found that cats can attract human attention, bringing them food, attention and playing partners. Essence
    Prostylia also found that cats seem to use different meows to express their different wishes. For example, the meow of "I'm hungry" will be different from the meow of "I want to go out to play".
    2. The strange cats whistled each other and made asing sound. Cats are very nervous and threatened by the enemy. When the cats are fighting for the territory, they also make a roar -like sound.
    Extension information: Circulation

    The calls of cats can not only convey information, but also express emotions. Therefore, the owner can understand and judge it by observation and judgment.
    The cats have many types of cats. They are very poor, and they are silent. They cannot be generalized. If you have to get along with it for many years, you can understand each word. Families who raise cats will notice that cats often make snoring, and some owners even say that they can understand what the cat is doing through snoring sounds.
    In fact, the snoring sound when the cat is required is different. When a cat is required, the snoring sounds a special peak, similar to the frequency of crying of human babies.
    Cats will make an unusually horrible sound on the night of estrus. Generally like the sound of baby crying, it is difficult to see from such small animals, sometimes more scary than crying, dragging long sounds, dragging long sounds It can't help but creepy in a densely populated city.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cat

  3. My small bag is always like Yin poetry ... is to pull the sound long, and it is frustrated ... such a call is to please you and want to get what it wants, such as seeing you eat delicious food. If you want to eat it, you will look up at your eyes so kindlyly that you are lovingly screaming.
    Sometimes it is very loud and louder like playing with sex ......... that is dissatisfied, unhappy, if it is angry, when you call The eyes are not friendly at all!
    This can't speak the only thing that can express the joy and sorrow.
    The experience, I hope my answer can solve your confusion.

  4. When the cat is different, there will be different calls, and according to its call, you can judge its thoughts. My family has a cat. I have summarized the meaning of the call:
    miaowbu, feed me soon ! Stomach hungry
    meeow to touch me! Meow meow wants you to hurt
    mrooww, I love you 唷

    miioo-OO-OO cat lover waiting for me outside the door, me I want to go out "Hehe", please let me go out! I, I want ...

    mrow just want to make some sounds, it's okay ~

    rrrow-mawww, please help me clear a cat basin, a little dirty.

    rrrow-miawww I was struggling to rake cat sand, so as to cover the stool.

    In to play with me

    (loud) You did not find the cat toys in the room, it seems a bit less, not enough to play ~

    It's not fun at home, don't blame me to catch furniture! Don't hit me ~

    raowwwww avoid! I want to lick the "private parts", it is important to keep cleaning!

    mrowwwww is unhappy, and then I returned from the veterinarian. I have a lingering heart, afraid of ~

    roww-mawwwwww, you finally go home.

    gakk-ok-ok is bad, there are hair balls in the stomach, too uncomfortable, I want to vomit ~

    mow can be so lazy It is really good.

    moww stretching a lazy waist is also good.

    mowww! I am enjoying the comfort of a person's nest in the corner. What a good place is this, but I found it for me. The narrow and narrow inside, quite interesting, with clothes and pants. Wow, there is a small space in the back. Hiding inside, let the owner find it. Let's get a cat game!

    mraakk! Hey! Cute bird, don't be afraid! Fly me here!

    sssRoww! Hey! Hey! I found a moving strange Dongxi o ~`

    mmmmmmmmm can lie in this sunny afternoon.

    mreoaw guys, discuss it, and then some canned fish!

    mreeeow cat grass is really a good thing. When it smells, it will make me refreshing, let's come again!

    mroow is squeezed in this small place, so it seems that I am relatively small and beautiful?

    This is more anthropomorphic, I hope it will help you !! Oh !!

  5. Mood relaxed and calm -the cat is lying or sitting, the pupils shrink into a straight line, the eyes are half open, and even closed completely. It will easily wash the face with the front palm and wash the ears. Lie down, stretch your whole body forward, or make a ball in a ball. When it sleeps, it will stretch the front legs at a low back and back. Gelly and relaxed -stand upright, the tail is straight, and the tail tip shakes gently. Lead on his head and squint. Want to approach you, prepare to be coquettish -sitting, pupils slightly, big tails upright, or shaking gently. At a glance, I feel that it wants to come.

    Gelsiers -coquettish -it will walk around your feet and keep using your head to obey. You put it on the table, it will use head, chin, and constantly grind your face. Welcome -when you go home, it will run to the door and sit, slowly and largely shaking his tail and said, "I am very happy, you are back, welcome to welcome."
    I grasily -I am full, wipe my mouth, licked my feet, sit down, shake my tail, saying "I'm full, satisfied, happy." Rolling on the ground means that it trusts you completely and feels very safe. Tourbords -it will move around gently and tails. When an invader, it will explore the intention of the comer first.
    Curiously stood up with your back, leaned forward, his tail hangs down, and the ends shake gently. Be careful, I will be angry -beard vertical, and the tail will swing quickly. It shows that it feels bad. The next step may be escaping, maybe further intimidation and even attack.
    The anger -the whole body is low, the tail rolls up, the ears are pressed back, the mouth is opened, the dog teeth are exposed, and the sound is sounded. Prepare to attack -the front half of the rear, the tail is flat, the ears are leaning forward, and the paws are all exposed. At this time, run away, it is going to attack.
    The alert, anger -double ears flat, body arches, tails straight up, and the hair of the whole body is erected.
    The feelings, trouble and anger -standing low in the body, the tail hangs down, and slowly shakes.

    The meaning of the cat
    The calmness -the ears are naturally stretched upwards, the beards naturally hang down, and the pupils are straight.
    The alert -the eyes are open, the ears are completely up, and the forest is rising.
    The concentration -the eyes are open, the ears are completely facing, and the forest is rising.
    Buy, fear -both ears facing the sides of the ears, the eyes are oval, and the pupils are slightly enlarged.
    The warning, threatening -the ears are lower, the eyes are thinner, but it has not yet sounded.
    In further sound warning -the ears are flattened, the beard rises, the face is flat, and the eyes are thinner.
    The feelings, trouble and anger -standing low in the body, the tail hangs down, and slowly shakes.
    The attack -the back of the ears, the beard rising, the roar appears, and the teeth are open. At this time, run away.
    The heart -ears are forward, the pupils are slightly larger, and the beard sags.
    Surbing -the pupil is round, the ears are vertically, and the mouth is slightly open. This is the cat's reaction when smelling the fragrant fish and meat in the kitchen.
    Curious -ears are forward, the mouth is closed, and the pupils are round.
    This -this is a snoring sound when you hold it holding it to stroke its chin, go to bed in the middle of the night, or stretch your limbs. And when it is sick or painful, it also snores. In addition, snoring can also represent friendship.
    meow -low and gentle, say hello, welcome, feel good, answer. When loud, it may be complaining and begging.
    This -High -hypertrophic screaming at the same time, his mouth opened, his tongue was rolled into a cylindrical shape, and he exhaled it at the same time. It is used to show fear, anger, and even threatened the other party to stop. Mi -Oh, Mi -Wow -was sent out when confused and requested.

    The expression of cats may not only have one, often with the rapid transformation of its emotions, there is a string of performance. Therefore, when observing, you must be more flexible and careful. Of course, for a variety of different purposes, or expressing different moods, its language is more and more complicated. You may wish to use a recorder and camera to record the cat words on the house, and it may be more wonderful!

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