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  1. cannot.
    Ibly -born kittens can eat breast milk with the female cat. If the kitten and the female cat are separated, you can feed some milk powder for the kitten. Note that the milk powder should be completely melted, because the newborn kitten stomach is the most vulnerable at this time. Do not feed kittens some meat and hard foods. At this time, kittens cannot be digested.
    The cats cannot take a bath during this period, and the kitten's body immunity is particularly low. This will cause the kitten to leave sequelae. Do not have too much feeding method each time, it can be divided into three or four times a day.
    Pucting information:
    This Cat Note:
    1. Pay attention to keeping warm. The weak resistance of the newborn kitten is easy to freeze to death, especially in winter, so users must do warm work.
    2. The user provides a quiet environment to the kitten and female cat. The user should not touch the kitten at will. The other taste may make the female cat feel unsafe and always transfer the kitten.
    3. Users should ensure that the female cats are sufficient. If the breast milk is not enough, it will not be able to breastfeed, and the kitten cannot grow up healthily.
    4. It is best not to take a bath before the vaccine is injected. The immunity is low, and it is more likely to be cold and cause disease. Cat skin secretes a kind of oil to protect the skin from bacterial infringement. Frequent bathing will destroy this natural wall barrier and cause cats to suffer from skin disease.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cat

  2. No, if the female cat has no milk, it can be feeded appropriately.
    Is just born cats do not need to feed water, because the female cat has milk and a lot of water in the milk. If the water is not clean, the cat may cause the cat's gastrointestinal problems. Of course, if the female cat does not have milk, it is still necessary to feed the water in an appropriate amount, which can reduce the cold of the kitten.
    On how to feed the cat water? Let me talk about
    Due to the weak new cats, it is recommended to use spoons or syringes to feed the cat water in an appropriate amount. Water is best to cool it after heating. According to the survey, the water that is cooling for cats can extend the cat's life after drinking heating.
    The kitten should be weaned to leave the cat's mother at least eight weeks. Now the kitten will continue to breastfeed, and we will be weaned after two months.
    It, because the kitten left the cat mother very early, and there were many things that did not learn from the cat's mother, so he did not know when to put the paws away, and these skills, cat mothers usually need to one month later Only to teach babies.
    sm no milk for kittens, lactose in milk, and some kittens lack lactose digestive enzymes or lactose enabled, so it is easy to cause chronic diarrhea. Some kittens are allergic to milk protein, and the result is chronic diarrhea.

  3. Under normal circumstances, not.
    The kittens just born, like babies, can not drink boiling water. Generally, they drink breast milk. They are slightly larger. You can eat milk powder. After the full moon, you can eat some cat food with milk powder. With 2-3 hours of 2-3 hours within 1 week after the cat is born, 2-3 births is 3-5 hours. Every time you drink the remaining milk, you must not leave it to the next time.
    It the pharmacy to buy a small medical syringe. It is best to go to the supermarket to buy milk powder, soak it with warm water, and try the temperature, and hit the kitten mouth little by little. Remember not to let it be.
    Themat cat will feed them. Some female cats do not feed kittens if they are not born. The eyes, urine and stool female cats will be cleaned up. If the female cat can't. Then use a cotton swab to clean your eyes every day to help them defecate and urinate smoothly.

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