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  1. To adopt stray cats, do the medical examination. According to the age of stray cats, the project is determined.
    The items that kittens need to be checked are:
    The parasitic screening, physical examination (body temperature, weight, breathing, heart rate, ears and mouth mouth, etc.), infectious diseases, cat plague, cat plague, Cat -shaped, cat nose, cat cup -like virus, etc., blood routine, parasitic insects, etc. The projects of the old and elderly cats in the middle and elderly cats include:
    The blood routine, parasitic, infectious diseases, biochemical, B -ultrasound, etc. . If there are obvious physical health, cats need to do a related physical examination according to the specific situation.

  2. Take the cat to the nearby pet hospital for the basic examination! From the inspection process, we need to know the age of the cat. There are no trauma, parasites, or infectious diseases on the cat (this is very necessary for this inspection of aboriginal people at home!) Otherwise, it is easy to be easy Bring the disease home to the Aboriginal people ~ It will be the same as me at the beginning, two cats treat them together ......

    The most basic examination:
    n n n R N Check how old the cat can buy the corresponding cat food and supplies. The naked eye judges that the cat has trauma and skin diseases and parasites. Most of the common stray cats will have fleas and parasites. Tingling can be done in the hospital that can be solved quickly. The suggestion of raising cats for the first time can be understood first. See how the doctor gives cats to remove insect deworming. When you do regular deworming, you can remove insects yourself. And the cost comparison of pet hospitals must save a lot of money. If it is a specific analysis of skin diseases, combine the doctor to give the treatment plan!

    In further inspection: blood routine, dung test, nasal branch/cat plague test

    [Blood conventional]

    Inflammation and nutrition. Routine blood tests are divided into "three categories" and "five categories". Most hospitals are "three categories". Blood routine can check whether the number of cats of cats, red blood cells, and hemoglobin can be checked. For example, the elevated white blood cells consider inflammation in the cat's body, and low hemoglobin is considered to consider nutritional anemia.

    [Dold examination]

    The inspection is mainly to check whether cats have parasitic infections, intestinal flora vitality, digestion, etc. The type of parasites can be determined through dung examination. So as to use the symptomatic medicine. Because insect repellent is not universal, and there is no kind of insect repellent that can drive all bugs! In vitro deworming in detail, you can click the following article.

    Neramate meow: Cat deworming (comprehensive)

    [FPV] Check common cats. Infectious diseases: Cat plague

    Cat plague, also known as cat plastic cell reduction, cat infectious enteritis, is a cat's acute high contact infectious disease. Cats with incomplete vaccination or unaged in vaccination are prone to cat plague, especially the most age of kittens for 3-5 months. Infection paths generally come into contact with cats with cat plague or urine feces with viruses or virus or viral viruses.

    If health is the best ~ just take it home ~ If the cat just drives the worm, don't go to the sofa on the bed ~

    If you are a resident, remember to isolate from the Aboriginal for a while ~

    of course if the economic conditions are not allowed, or the new shoveling officers who have no pet hospital around them, if you pick up a cat, you can bring it back to bring it back first. Put your home on the balcony or find a relatively large box, first clean the cat to the cat first, and then check whether there are skin diseases, parasites, ear mites and other problems.

  3. Check the inspection of stray cats,
    preferred to do a full -body examination,
    first cleaning and hygiene and then deworming,
    mades of various vaccines,
    general situations You can do it.

  4. The stray cat that is picked up is best to go to a pet hospital for checking, and then take it home to raise it, so rest assured.

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