What's wrong with cat crying

My cat bit me, I hit him twice, and then fell off two tears. I saw the cat cry for the first time for the first time.

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  1. It may be that the eyes are sick; it may also miss the family.
    Cats, belonging to the family of cats, separated cats, wild cats, are relatively wide pets in families around the world.

    The ancestors of cats are speculated that they are desert cats originating in ancient Egypt. Persian Cats have been domesticated by humans for about 3500 years (but they have not been completely domesticated like dogs).
    The general cat: the head is short, the face is short, the forelimb is five fingers, the hind limbs are four toe, the toe end has sharp and curved claws, and the paws can tease and shrink. Nights.
    The hunting other animals in an ambush can climb the trees.
    This on the bottom of the cat has fat meat pads, so as not to make a sound when walking, and you will not run away when hunting.
    The paws are in a contraction state when traveling, preventing the claws from being blunt, and extending when the mouse catcher and rock climbing.
    Ancient cats
    The kittens lying on the wooden board to rest in the middle of the world.
    If of which forest cats evolved in 900,000 years ago, African wild cats and Asian desert cat branches appeared as follows:
    Forest wild cats inhabited in Western Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, southern Europe and Scotland. Freight the direct close relatives of the forest wild cat non -domestic cat.
    The African wild cats inhabits forests, shrubs, sand plains and mountain African wild cats in the Mediterranean islands, North Africa, and Israel.
    The living environment often lives next to human beings.
    A Asian wild cat Felis Ornata inhabits the open plain of Asia, Russia, Central Asia, South Asia, and Iran, like African wild cats, and is domesticated as a direct close relative of long -haired cats.

  2. In the process of breeding pet cats, we occasionally encounter a cat crying, especially the blue cats and Garfield. These two cats often cry and tears. This is not the case. The reason why cats cry are mainly caused by the following points.
    1. Cats have eye diseases. When a cat suffers from eye disease, it will cry. For example, when a cat has conjunctivitis, cat nose, flooding eyelashes, we will find that cats not only cry, but also cat eyes are often red and swollen.
    2, the cat's eyes have foreign bodies. When the cat's eyes have foreign bodies or eyelashes are too long, the cat's eyes will be stimulated. At this time, the shoveling officers will also find that the cats are crying and crying. At this time, you need to check whether the cat's eyes are stimulated by foreign bodies. If the situation is true, it is recommended that you help the cat clean up as soon as possible (using the eye washing solution).
    3, cats eat foods with high salt content. Cat's diet should be mainly cat food. Please try not to give cats to eat human food. Human foods generally contain too much salt. If cats eat human food for a long time, they will cry and cry, so shit shovel Officials must pay attention.
    4. Cats were crying by the environment. Cats will cry and may be caused by the environmental stimulus. For example, if there is too much dust at home or too large the oil fume of cooking, these situations will cause cats to cry and tears, so the shoveling officers must keep the cats when raising cats. The environment is clean and tidy.

  3. Both cats and dogs will cry. They are highly high vertebrates. The nervous system is quite developed and feels very keen. Many people should see many people crying, and sometimes the naughty puppy falls from the height and hurts when it hurts.
    The cats have never seen it, but my father was crying when he was raised when he was a child because he was beaten by other children.
    Niu and horses and sheep are all crying animals. Especially Mother Niu and Mother Sheep.
    By the way, the pigeons I raised will sneeze and yawn.

    The animals with lacrimal sac will secrete tears in the eyes of animals, but it is not a meaning to cry in our human so -called crying. It is unscientific to understand animals' cry from tears. But animals do cry. When you lose your cubs, the sorrow of the sorrow when calling the disappeared partner is crying, it is the crying of animals. All creatures have feelings and emotions, but their expression is different from us humans. Plants will also be sad.

    Buchi will definitely cry, and I have seen it. Before the family had a small white cat blue, I was scolded and crying by my mother.
    I was searched just now. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

    . The bad cat of the even family did not cry ~~ It is sometimes more eye shit

  4. Animals can cry. Because there are tear sacs. My dogs often cry. No one cares about it and it will cry. The same is true for cats. Will be sad. There are feelings. I don't. You go online to search. Many should be made by the computer.

  5. I have never seen a cat crying, and I have seen tears in my eyes ~ I think this phenomenon should be ... Cats are very insecure animals, longing for the owner’s pet

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