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  1. I specializes in the production of crystal glass beads in Pujiang, and the Peninsula Crystal Craft Factory. Donghai Crystal is mainly a bit more natural ore. It is processed into Guangdong as a bead to make a finished bracelet and then sold in the East China Sea. The price of natural crystals in the East China Sea is slightly higher. Manufacturers who produce raw materials, the principle of steel refining steel and steel bars are the same, and they are made of quartz ore. Good materials are plate materials with large plate materials and direct crystal materials called K9 material high transparency, mainly making large things such as crafts trophy and ashtray, like a small beads crystal lighting ball, the octagonal Pearl River Delta with crystal curtains, The square beads are made with a burn to burn the mold and polished the shape, and the same is true of the jewelry and clothing hot diamonds. There is also a difference in price, and the beads made are translucent and less translucent. After two or three years, it will be a bit yellow. There are many types of crystal industries in Pujiang. Crystal curtains have just emerged. There are many crafts in crafts in the financial crisis for one year. The ashtray, the car perfume bottle, and the industry that has not been done in the industry is the car seat cushion bed mats that are made of crystal glass beads. Now they are compiled with acrylic. Crystal decoration is also a good industry sticky mosaic, small pieces of crafts such as eye film key hanging hanging, etc.

  2. The crystal of Pujiang is only a craft crystal, that is, adding lead glass, which is almost sold to all parts of the country and some countries generally make accessories or crafts
    The crystals of the East China Sea have nothing to do with Pujiang. Natural crystals, Pujiang crystals generally only make raw materials. Most of the domestic craft crystal jewelry is produced in Guangdong. Donghai also has a craft crystal from Guangdong.

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