What are the major industry data and market data service companies and providers in China?

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  1. There are many major industry data and market data services companies and providers in China. Among them, the following are absolutely authoritative in China:
    1: Zero Study Consultation
    Service agencies, including the Innovation Data Development Center, Public Affairs Data Data Group, Business Data Business Group, and Future Business Institute.
    2: State Research
    In information network of the State Council Development Research Center (referred to as "State Research Network") was hosted by the State Council Development Research Center and was organized in March 1998, and in March 1998, and in the On July 31, 2002, it officially passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
    3: Shenzhen Zhongwei Zhiyan Consulting Co., Ltd.
    is China's leading industry and market research service provider. Focusing on the needs of customers, the company continues to work hard and cooperates with customers sincerely to build comprehensive professional advantages in the fields of investigation reports, research reports, market research analysis reports, business planning, feasibility study, and IPO consultation. Consultation is committed to providing competitive investigation and research solutions and services for enterprises, investors, and governments, continuously enhance the customer experience, and create the maximum value for customers.
    4: Consulting Consultant Co., Ltd.
    is the first modern consulting enterprise in China to be listed on the GEM of Hong Kong and take the lead in passing international and national quality management and system standards. The China Institute of Electronic Information Industry Development of the Ministry of Information Technology.
    5: Wan De Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    (abbreviated: Wind Information) is the leading financial data, information and software service enterprises in mainland China. It is headquartered in Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Center.
    6: Xinhuaxin International Information Consultation (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    is China's leading marketing solution and credit solution provider. It was established in Beijing in 1992. Enterprise collection, analysis and management of information on market, consumers and commercial institutions, and through the integration of information, services and technology, provide market research, business information, consulting and database marketing services to help you make better marketing decisions and credit Decisions and develop profitable customer relationships.
    7: HC Research
    is a insight and research company that is rooted in China and is looking at the world. It provides effective combination of big data and small data. HCR provides enterprises with in -depth insights with large and small data.
    8: Evisite International
    Established in 2000, it is an excellent information product, service and solution provider of China's Internet and Internet market. Each year, it is a global Internet and information technology manufacturers, telecommunications operators, and senior executives of industry users, investment institutions, and government departments. It provides information products, services and solutions including the ENFODES information platform and special consultation including subscription system.
    9: The new generation market monitoring agency
    was established in 1998, ranking TOP10 in the Chinese market research industry. It is one of the most large -scale and influential consumers and media research institutions in China. The new generation is committed to providing customers with professional market research and data -based research and consulting services. The main businesses include market research, media research, consumption and social research, and marketing strategy consulting.
    10: Irai Consultation
    was established in 2002. It was founded by Yang Weiqing and is committed to becoming the best Internet ratings and consumer insights in the era of Chinese big data. Irai Consulting is based on the concept of "Life Dream Science and Technology" to provide customers with professional services such as data products, research consulting in the most professional Internet -related fields in the Chinese market, and help customers improve their cognitive level, profitability and comprehensive competition in the Internet industry Force, let the power of the Internet ignite various industries in China.

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