3 thoughts on “What is the name of driving together?”

  1. 1. Perfect driving period
    Colidation according to "Perfect Holiday", others' holidays are leisure and entertainment, but the driving period here is driving exercises. However, on the basis of the driving period, a perfect word is equipped, and people who want to participate in the car are also left to leave a good memory.
    2. Conquesting the road
    The people who have just finished their cars are often called "road killer". Conquering the road is also based on road killer. I hope that students who practice cars here can perfectly conquer the road. No Do a road killer.
    3, the elite team
    The elite team mainly refers to the team with strong technology. Although the people who practice the car are not the highly skilled group, this group name is also an expression of the coach's expectations for the students. I hope to use this group from this group. The trainees of the car are driving an elite.
    4, the wind and rain
    Che students who have come to the driver's license to practice at the same time according to the wind and rain. Don't give up. It is also a very appropriate metaphor.
    5, refusal to drift
    drilling is a driving technique, also known as "tail". The driver moves the car side by side in an excessive steering. Drinking in a professional racing neighborhood is a skill, but it is not a good thing for novice students. Therefore, it is most important to refuse to drift in the car practice group and stabilize the practice of car practice.

  2. 1. Drive the car to go to the world
    2, Fengchi World breaks through Guandong
    3, the car dealer is invincible
    4, the car dealer's friends group
    5, the flywheel
    6, the car shop world world
    7, Ping An and Happy You
    8, there must be roads in front of the car
    9, giant wheel storm
    10, Mercedes Mercedes -Benz Sai Xiongfeng
    11, no difficulty in driving
    12, unblocked all the way
    13, car home
    14, all the way all the way
    15, wind and rain peers
    16, SKY car group
    17, Tengda
    18, road Tong r r r
    19, Antai

    20, Xingwanli Road

  3. It's best to say more information! Strive for a perfect name for you! It can be said that the vulgar point can be said ... driving the car to go to the world ... the wind is rushing into the world ... the car is invincible ... the car dealer is a friend group ...

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