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  1. At present, about 85%of companies that have closed the door of the wall -hung boiler industry. There is no sales volume, and closing closure is inevitable.

  2. The wall -mounted furnace brand that can often be seen on the market, large international enterprises that really make boilers are powerful, Fisman, Faro Li. Other columns such as Little Squirrels (the well -known domestic explosion king, he chose him if he is not afraid of death), Bosch (selling dog meat on the head of sheep, what does you say that you and the wall -hanging boiler industry, what do you want to make), Ariston (Except for the sound of advertising blowing, the water heater has not played well every day, what kind of lively you came to the wall -hung boiler), Liya Road's products (Walkla, Beareta, all of them are all localized, and you can do it with peace of mind. Buying the low -grade mid -end is so expensive), Baxi (after -sales and operation is tangled), Yima (too expensive, give up at this stage, offline services are not even more easy to find), Vorphus is not easy to find), Vorphiavov (More expensive, offline services are even more cost -effective, there is no cost -effective), Haydn (more offline service), Nuoko, Wanjiale, Wanhe, etc. The wall -hung boiler products of these brands are still a bit unsatisfactory. The price problem, or it is too troublesome to after -sales, even some other small brands, of course, as long as you are cheap, don't say it.
    These three brands are international large groups, all international first -line brands! It is also a brand that is easy to find in Building Materials City. The most important thing is that the three brands of them are as large as boilers to small water heaters. Basically, they have all kinds of boiler products, and they have rich heritage and experience in technology!
    In on the wall -hung boiler, the premium premium is too high. In the past two years, the product is not as good as the original old model. ) And Weimeng's German factories have long been cold, most of which are imported from Turkey (Turkey is not in the EU member, and the quality indicators are the same as my country. If you do n’t believe someone, you can see the barcode letters on the box or on the machine). It is also expensive. The products of the same level are one or two thousand more expensive than others.
    Fessman has been playing the condensed wall hanging boiler for many years. The high -end condensation furnace is okay. The low and medium -end ordinary wall -hung boilers are poor. After all, not everyone can afford high -end. Du Du was dominated (I heard that it was built in Beijing)! Leng is more expensive to sell domestic low and medium -end products than other imported or high -end ones. This price, how do you want to speak. Fistman also has a headache on after -sales. On the low -end wall -mounted boiler, the leakage cannot be stopped. No matter what problems occurred in the wall -hung boiler, it is a red light, which makes it a headache after sale. Find it slowly, it is not convenient to disassemble, and it will be too delayed. If you can find a few times in the winter, you can't find a problem, you see! Can you stay in the house?
    This view of Luo Li Wall -hanging boiler is cost -effective, relatively high, the middle and low -end prices are reasonable, and the high -end is also good. The new high -end products from 2016, the new "sea blue" is still in Milan, France, and won the international award. High -end Verona is also good. Do you still choose the old model of other brands if you do n’t choose a new model? The most important thing is that all the models of Faro use the modular design. It is convenient for disassembly and installation. There are error code in the failure. In fact, most brand products have an error code. Of course Luo Li is the first company in the world to produce smart boilers. The failure code is also the most. There are many error code to fifty or sixty. It is rigorous! (Most of the domestic wall -hung boilers with only about ten error code are more than 20 international big names). Farrow wall -mounted boilers are convenient for faults. Bo, Fisman ... and other products, I have a failure, so I only have a red light. If you want to find it yourself, how can you drop me! Sometimes it ’s urgent to die, find failure, and good practice. It’ s another matter.
    In fact, a good wall -hung boiler cannot just look at the appearance, and the introduction of the sales staff. When purchasing the product, the sales staff should be disassembled and looked at the inside. It can be seen about it. For example, the doctoral wall -mounted boiler, after the disassembly, the line is chaotic, the layout is worse, and the workmanship is rough. The main switch is pure copper exposed, and even the paint must be saved (this is not the case for domestic wall -hung boilers). Inside the wall -mounted boiler of Walokra and Bareta, the water flow is messy! The lower wrench is inconvenient. The sheet metal production process is worse. There are fractures like the blade of stainless steel sections and knives everywhere. If you don't pay attention, you will rot your hands, and the copper wires on the fan are bare. There are also some domestic brands such as Wanjiale. After disassembly, the accessories are some accessories provided by small factories that have not been heard or unknown. The wind turbines and pumps are small power, and the internal structure is also simple. There are also German products and domestic products. Do not be fooled by Germany's name. Please pay attention to the product label before buying (usually at the bottom and side of the wall -hung boiler, or the top position).) The waterproof and dustproof levels of Germany and domestic wall -hung boiler products are IPX4. The Italian brand products, whether domestic or imported, are all IPX5, whether low -end, and high -end. From this, we can see that in the boiler industry, some countries have treated its cognition! In fact, in the global boiler industry in the past, the boiler and burner in Italy had a pivotal position at any time, at any time, it has always been the best and best!
    In fact, the current wall -hung boiler products have been the same as cars after sales, especially in the northwest and northern regions. The air quality is poor and the water quality is poor. After removing dust removal, it depends on the convenience and convenience of after -sale. In the after -sales, the modular design and complete error code detection system of the international first -tier brand China -French Luo Lili wall -mounted boiler has obvious advantages and greatly reduced the after -sales time. There is no small problem (most of the domestic miscellaneous wall -hanging boilers can not be used in three or five years). Everyone is afraid that the home of the winter is not afraid of the warmth of the winter. It's really true! Faro's cost -effective after -sales is a good choice.
    The general brand Tmall and Jingdong have prices. For reference, buy or go to a physical store! There is also what the salesperson said after -sales: "What warranty for 5 years in our family, 10 years of warranty, or lifelong warranty" is a deceitful marketing method. Our country's electrical quality standard is "CCC certification". In 8 years, the product is qualified. The EU's standard is that the "CE certification" is used for 15 years to pass the product (which is the reason why European imported wall -mounted boilers are expensive. Production and inspection indicators are different. The domestic products and imports of the same brand are expensive in terms of quality, and the functions and structures are basically the same)!
    : Most of the domestic or imported wall -hung boilers are exempt for 2 years, and life assurance! (That is, free accessories and maintenance within 2 years. After 2 years of charges, "lifelong warranty" means that there have always been after -sales, but it is necessary to charge ...). "Lifetime warranty" is actually a routine! The current marketing routine is deep! As long as it is a qualified product (all the products you can buy on the market are basically qualified ...) are lifelong warranty, which is forced by the country ... the Quality Supervision Bureau wants to sample.
    : Do not believe how the sales staff says that after -sales exemption for several years, each regular big brand should have their own free service hotline in the country, usually starting with 400 There are all), and you can make a clear nationwide service hotline. You can say that the salesperson's face and face can be said ... In this regard, it is possible to test whether this shop is sincere in buying and selling or flickering you. In fact, it is sufficient for 2 years. How much can you spend to buy wall -mounted boilers. Now the labor cost is so high, and it is more practical for 2 years. If it is exempt from insurance for life, it is estimated that his family will starve to death after sales ..., the manufacturer has closed down early.
    The three brands of wall -hung boilers cannot be selected: one is Bosch. This brand has always said that it is Germany and the brand is Germany. The electric tool Bosch is so good. Without a wall -mounted boiler factory, it seems that the Wall -mounted boiler of Bosch has also been in China. Now it is slowly starting to build a factory abroad! It may be produced in Vietnam in your imported wall -mounted boiler ... it is not as good as domestic ... haha ​​(modern version of hanging sheep heads sells dog meat), with the scope of business, Bosch's own official introduction is also with wall -mounted stoves. The boiler is a little bit. There is no relationship, and the technology comes from the inner wall hanging boilers in the forestry in Japan. Now the cutting of corners is particularly obvious. The lines in the wall -hung boiler are particularly chaotic. The combustion room switch and the fan are also exposed. The two most basic errors (no matter what brand of wall -hung boilers, they will brush the silicon Lu coating anti -corrosion and anti -scale on the switch).
    The other is AO Smith. The name is too big and the advertising family is well -known, but who knows that he is going to go bankrupt in the United States. There are no production venues, all of which are processed by others. Hehe, he designed a appearance (that is, the legendary R

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