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  1. Formed by the integration of the former Municipal Light Textile Office and the Native Office, it is a public institution affiliated to the Municipal Industry and Information Council.
    On December 2, 2019, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau held a cadre conference of the Municipal Industrial Industry Development Service Center. Operation.
    The business scope includes:
    (1) Carrying out the research and analysis of industrial enterprises, providing opinions and suggestions for the development planning of the city's industrial industry.
    (2) Collection and analysis of the economic and market information of the industrial industry, and provide enterprises with information exchange and technical consulting and reporting.
    (3) Provide policy consultation for industrial enterprises' reform, restructuring, asset reorganization, production and operation, etc., and assist in handling difficult issues in related enterprises.
    (4) Carry out the training of industrial enterprise talents to assist in doing a good job in the development of relevant enterprise.
    (5) Carrying out the technical development, technology introduction and exchanges, industry -university -research combination, and information application of industrial enterprises to promote the technological progress of enterprise.
    (6) Assist in doing a good job in the development of industrial park development services and carry out service work of relevant collective alliances.
    (7) Other matters assigned by the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau.
    The above content refers to the announcement of the establishment of the Jining Industrial and Information Technology Bureau-Jining Industrial Development Service Center

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