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  1. With the development of the Internet industry, the positions of Internet companies in recent years have also begun to be welcomed by job seekers. In the past few years, the product manager, which has begun to become popular because of a book "Everyone is a Product Manager", has now attracted the attention of many students in operating positions. However, the company seems to be hoping to recruit people with operating experience. How can I successfully enter the industry without operating experience? I just read an article and made a summary. Here are a few simple methodology.

    . Evaluate your job obstacles and entry points.

    The reason you can't find a job because of hard skills (copywriting, etc.)? Or is it missing (thinking)? If it is a lack of hard skills, you must make up for your skills and lack of cognition.

    Which position do you enter? (New media? User? Content?) For the positions you want to do, look at the requirements on the recruitment website to see what part of the lack of.

    . The goal of learning courses and writing homework (or reading, dry goods and the like)

    The knowledge learned can be used in interviews, and it is best to prepare a copy of it Works set. Because there is no experience, we can only make up by the work set and other methods. It is best to write a job suggestion for the post you are applying for. If you do this post, how to start your job. Finally, I am preparing to ask questions about the interview officials. (You can Baidu, Zhihu, etc., or you can ask your friends who are already doing operation.)

    3. In the case of transfer, you must also desperately 'La -relationships'.

    If of the case, if you are transferred, do your best to make your experience have a relationship with the job of applying. As for the specific operation, summarize it later.

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