1 thought on “How should the decoration company recruit female salespersons?”

  1. Female salesmen in decoration are better to contact the business, but the following conditions are required: there are more than one year of work experience in indoor decoration business in the same industry; familiar with the current home improvement market and community distribution, and those with channels or property sales are preferred; Market operation experience and marketing knowledge, have the ability to assist the marketing managers independently operate the regional market; have strong business capabilities and external public relations skills; be good at communication, lively personality, motivated, responsible, dare to challenge themselves to endure hardships and stand hard work, and to work hard and work hard to work hard and work hard. With excellent teamwork spirit. (Outstanding personnel can relax the conditions appropriately) Salary is negotiated.
    The women's business personnel should do the following: they must love their products extremely, and the business personnel who do not love the product will always do not do business; to understand their own products. The business personnel who knows the product deal with it because you can't convince customers to buy your product. There must be a solid marketing knowledge business personnel not only to do their own business, but to stand at a certain height How to operate a benign in the block market, the speed of sales will be the lowest and the lowest will be the lowest. This also lays a solid foundation for the future promotion of themselves to business managers. There must be a good mouth to persuade customers to buy their own products. In addition to the quality and price of competitive products, how to speak with the mouth of the salesperson, how to make their language both artistic and logical. To have the spirit of innovation, to be a qualified business personnel must open their own ideas and use their own unique methods to open up a market.

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