There are four common problems with women's private parts

For women, the most vulnerable part is the private parts, which are not only the most influential reproductive organ for women, but also the most essential part of sex. However, once the private parts problem arises, it will invariably be painful for women. ​Then what is it about women's private parts that make it difficult for them to say? Let the 2022 sex dolls tell you.

1. Pruritus vulva: I believe this is a problem that many women have encountered. Itching in the private parts can be one of those problems women can't stand. The most common is vulvar itching, which can be said to make female friends fidget. Sometimes I itch a lot. I can't help but want to scratch it with my hands, but I have to consider its "image", so I always do all kinds of indecent actions to solve the unbearable problem "itch", which brings a lot of inconvenience to work and study. It is difficult to speak. As we all understand, vaginitis is one of the common diseases in the female reproductive system. It is normally characterized by abnormal vulvar pruritus, occasionally a burning pain, increased vaginal secretion, and accompanied by some odor. In the course of the disease, accompanied by vaginal mucosa damage and self-cleaning system damage. More common ones include: Trichomoniasis vaginitis, senile vaginitis and juvenile female vaginitis.

2, vaginal dryness: in sex life, the most annoying is the dryness and relaxation of private parts. For women, vaginal dryness and relaxation make sexual life uncomfortable. Vaginal dryness can easily cause pain. This can be mitigated by using Durex cherry-flavored human lubricants. But vaginal laxity makes numerous women miserable. It is reported that 90 percent of married women and 80 percent of postpartum women will have some degree of vaginal relaxation symptoms. Wide vagina, slack, not only bring pain to women, but also become indelible pain in the heart of women, indescribable embarrassment, can not find a way out of the knot. Women are chronically depressed, leading to emotional anxiety, endocrine disorders, haggard, insomnia, irritability, premature aging symptoms. There's a drow sex doll.

3, overly often leucorrhea: leucorrhea is something unique to women, and normal leucorrhea is colorless, tasteless. Leucorrhea is a sign of normal private parts in women. But the increase in leucorrhea can be extremely uncomfortable for women. Too much leucorrhea can make women feel wet and uncomfortable. What's other, it spills over into pants or skirts and doesn't work, even with cushions. The spots on the clothes caused a great psychological barrier for women and their self-confidence disappeared. When leucorrhea increases or leucorrhea mixed with bloodshot, we should be alert to whether it is cervicitis. Cervicitis occurs in women of any age. Chronic cervicitis is extremely common in clinics. Mainly manifested as leucorrhea, milky color, viscous mucus or purulent mucus, occasionally accompanied by bloodshot or bloodshot, accompanied by vulva secretion stimulation caused by itching, lumbosacral pain, lower abdominal distension and other clinical symptoms. Chronic mechanical stimulation is the main cause of cervicitis. In addition, vaginitis will also have different abnormal manifestations of leucorrhea.

4. Pain in the private parts: What could be more worrying for women? Private parts pain, let women this delicate flower lose color. When abdominal pain is severe, you can't even work and study correctly. Lower abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea, fever, occasionally feeling nausea, general fatigue, these are typical symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological disease, acute can lead to sepsis, septic shock and other serious consequences, delay can lead to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, easily lead to infertility and other consequences.

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