What is the focus of the direction of the operation of the community, and someone can answer it?

5 thoughts on “What is the focus of the direction of the operation of the community, and someone can answer it?”

  1. The core of community operations is to make customers more sticky, maintaining the activity of the community and even fission. Successful community interaction is not only related to interactive behaviors, but also related to interactive people. Some community members do not need to interact frequently, but once he participates in the discussion, the popularity of the community can be quickly increased. Therefore, before determining the community interaction, let's understand the main personnel of the community.
    First of all, we must clarify the composition of a community. We divide the role of community members into managers, opinion leaders, core members and divers in accordance with the authority of personnel. For the specific meaning, please refer to the figure below:
    In the above analysis, you can know that the key to social operations and improve customer stickiness is to do a good job of the operation of opinion leaders and core members. Around these two, we can set the following activities in social interaction:

    1. Enhance the emotions between community members. When community members, especially opinion leaders, and core members, they should pay more attention and guide the rest of the members to respond to let the members of the community feel "valued". When necessary, the atmosphere of red envelopes can be established, and red envelopes are actively distributed for certain valuable behaviors or activities to encourage everyone to share valuable insights.
    2. Game interaction method. Some interesting interactive games can be set in the community to improve everyone's participation. The game threshold is low, simple and easy, and it does not add trouble to everyone, so that members of the community and even divers can easily participate.
    3. You can set up automatic reply assistants, and send some valuable or interesting content in the right time group to maintain the operation of the community. The content of the group can be sent according to the positioning of the community, such as learning groups can send reading materials and learning materials. The frequency of sending messages should not be too high. It is best to send it in free time when members are off work. Remember not to be too much.
    The method of social operations to improve customer stickiness. As long as you pay more attention to core users and opinion leaders and set up reasonable interactive methods to simply improve user stickiness.

  2. The operating community can issue morning newspapers and answer questions of group members every morning, increase interaction, active atmosphere, and standardize group regulations. Send some related industries with valuable dry goods for sharing, and there are new group members who drain, and the operating guide community living code can be realized.

  3. Community operations focus on the maintenance and retention of users and retention.
    Procketing operations generally need to pay attention to four aspects, pull new, retain, promote and transform.

  4. The community economy is to gather people with common interests, goals, and interests, and realize the realization of the community through group communication and marketing.

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