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  1. Can body milk be used in summer
    can body milk be used in summer? Body milk is a skin care product that is applied to the body to keep the skin moisturizing. Generally, it seems to be applied more in winter, because the winter climate is dry, so the skin needs to be hydrated. So can the body milk be used in summer? Intersection
    The body milk can it be used in summer?
    The benefits of body milk in summer
    1. Summer skin requires a lot of hydration
    In addition to dry winter, summer skin is also in a state of lack of water. Moisture is lost. After bathing, you can apply body milk to supplement skin moisture.

    . Summer skin needs to be repaired after the sun
    This eyebrows pay attention to face sun protection. Compared with the arms and legs, it is much more careless. At this time, the body milk with the effect of repairing after the sun is simply a first aid artifact.
    How to choose body milk
    1. Dry skin is suitable for body milk containing hyaluronic acid and custard fruit ingredients, and it can also have a good moisturizing effect in summer.
    2. If there will be a tightness after bathing, you can choose a product with glycerin and fat ingredients in body milk.
    3. The most important thing for oily skin is that the thick ointment body milk of the water and oil is not suitable for oil skin. You should choose products with more plant extraction.
    The body milk recommended for summer
    1. Classic body milk of Keyan's
    This is a classic body milk of Keyan, also fragrance, natural at ease, but the taste is slightly heavier, the texture of the texture, the texture of the texture, the texture of the texture It is relatively thick and moisturized. It may feel a little greasy when it is just smeared, and it is difficult to push away, but it will feel very moisturizing after applying massage and completely absorbing.
    The is excellent moisturizing type, more suitable for dry and easy to peel and crack, and ordinary skin can be used in summer. Strong comprehensive strength is worthy of classic models.
    2. Av's body milk
    Gew well brands in the essential oil industry. With the improvement of Afu's essential oil popularity, many essential oils have also been developed, and the Av Body Nursing Series is the excellent series. With the advantages of Afu essential oil, Afu's body milk has a good performance in fragrance, texture and feelings.
    Ilads to add products as essential oils will also contain certain flavors. It is recommended to choose products with sensitive or sensitive skin. It can reduce the probability of allergies and skin burden.
    3. L'Occitane's first love cherry blossom body milk
    The sweet taste, the taste of summer, the taste of first love, the romantic taste, I like its phrase "feel the sweet aroma of first love" At that sweet and fresh taste, my girl's heart was hooked out by it.
    This is Ou Shudan's first love cherry blossom body milk. It is very suitable for summer use. The lotion texture is relatively light, it is easy to push away and absorb well. The taste of cherry blossoms is wonderful and should be able to capture many girls' hearts. If you are more sensitive to fragrance, you may feel that the fragrance is too heavy, it is best to try it first, suitable for friends who are pursuing fragrance.
    4. Olbin Albion Shujiu Smooth Body Milk
    The body milk is not only whitening but also moisturizing, and the skin is smooth and not greasy after use. Very moist and cool. Extension is very good. At the same time, it can also inhibit melanin production, prevent dull spots, and create white and bright muscle.
    The sense of tightness and transparency for the skin.
    5. FANCL pure white and smooth body emulsion
    This body milk contains seven -leaf tree and oolong tea essence, and with hyaluronic acid, continuous vitamin C inducement. The oolong tea essence, the essence of the seven -leaf tree, and the Euchainflower Essence can improve the puffiness and relaxation of the puffiness is that it can inhibit the formation of melanin.
    The body milk can it be used in summer?
    The body milk can be used in summer. Although it is not as dry as autumn and winter seasons in summer, the temperature in this season is high. The water in the skin is easy to discharge with the sweat, which will cause the skin moisture to lose. It is easy to keep the skin in a state of water dehydration.
    The body milk mainly plays the role of moisturizing the skin. It can supplement the necessary water and nutrition to the body, and form a protective film on the surface of the skin, so it is very suitable for applying it in summer.

    How time to use body milk in summer
    depends on the situation.
    How time to use the body milk in summer, it depends on the main basis. If it is dry skin, it is recommended to rub it once a day. The amount of sweating in summer is large and the skin water loss is more serious. Help the skin to replenish water and keep it in a delicate state.
    If it is oily skin, it is recommended to wipe it once every two days. This will not cause the skin to hydrate the skin without causing the skin to be oily.
    Amore body milk in summer to be correct
    1. Apply to uniformly. When applying your body milk in summer, you must push it away. The body milk without wiping is not easy to be absorbed by the body, and it is easy to cause uncomfortable stickiness and aggravate the skin burden.
    2, apply it in time. When applying your body milk in summer, you should apply it in time. It is best to apply it three minutes after taking a bath. This can fully absorb the pores of the body milk and have a good moisturizing effect.
    3. The strength of the massage should be gentle. When applying body milk, the massage should be controlled and should not be too large.
    The effect of painting body milk in summer
    1. Body milk can form a protective barrier for the skin, which can help the skin lock water and prevent it from becoming aging due to dryness.
    2. Body milk also has a strong moisturizing effect. It can replenish water in time to dry the skin in the summer and keep the skin.
    3. Body milk can also have the effect of sunscreen repair. After running around for a day, you can apply some body milk to repair the skin that was sunburned by ultraviolet rays to avoid aging and darkness.
    can body milk be used in summer. 3 Summer is definitely to wipe the body milk
    summer is also a high incidence season for skin dehydration. If you exercise outdoor If you go out, stay in the air conditioning environment for a long time, the moisture in the skin will also be lost, and it will become more tight after taking a shower, so you should use body milk to nourish the skin in summer.
    Am in summer how to use body milk correctly
    The first point, the body milk must avoid the wound when using it. When using body milk, if you have wounds on the skin, you should avoid it as much as possible. Do not apply your body milk to the wound to avoid the body milk irritating to the wound and affecting the healing of the wound.

    The second point, the amount of various parts of the body is different. Because the basic conditions of the skin in all parts of the whole body are different, the amount of each part is also different. For places where the skin is relatively dry, you can appropriately apply it, such as elbows, knee joints and calves.
    The other people may have symptoms of chicken skin, so the parts with chicken skin can also be appropriately thickened and can also massage.
    The third point, the body milk must be applied evenly. Do not apply it to the east when applying your body milk, because the protection and moisturization of the skin are uneven. You cannot maintain the skin's water and oil balance well. Excessive oil. Therefore, when using body milk, it is best to apply it carefully.
    The fourth point, body milk can be applied after bathing. After taking a bath, you can apply the whole body. In addition to your arms and thighs, the torso and shoulders, especially the butt, small belly, back waist, and feet that are easy to ignore.
    It can be exposed to your bed intimately after wipeting. You will never get on your clothes and quilt, because you are absorbed by the skin. After taking a bath, too high water temperature and cleaning ingredients can cause dry skin, especially the calves and joints. They often dry it and must apply body milk in time.
    What effects of body milk
    Body milk is something that nourishes the body's skin. After bathing, it is usually applied to the whole body. It has the effects of whitening, hydrating, moisturizing Essence
    Stocks are the inevitable result of the development of beauty care. With skin care products to protect the skin of the face, and the skin of the body's moisturizing the body, so as to fully develop, but it is best not to do body milk and face skin care products. Universal.
    The body milk is necessary to rub
    of course, it is necessary, often rubbing body milk has the following benefits
    1. Moisturizing:
    body milk has good moisturizing and moisturizing effects If you rub your body milk every day, you can replenish the skin and nutrients to make the skin moisturize and moisturize at all times.
    . It can be whitening:
    In addition to the moisturizing body milk, the effect of whitening is also obvious, but if you want to whiten the whole body, you can not use it once or twice. In order to have a better whitening effect.
    If you want to be faster, you can choose the moisturizing composition a little bit more, such as: vitamin C and its derivatives, nicotinamide, and fruit acids are all whitening
    . It can soothe pressure
    The proper massage to make the skin absorb better. And many body milk has a fragrant fragrance, which can help relax the muscles of the whole body, regulate the mood, and play a role in decompression, which can relieve the fatigue of the day.
    4. It can tighten the skin
    The body milk has a firm effect. Persevere in body milk every day can restore the relaxed skin to elasticity and calm down fine lines.

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