5 thoughts on “What website can find the most complete LCD screen specification book?”

  1. There are no specifications of any websites. However, there are three ways to find specifications:
    M Baidu, Baidu you want to find the model, and then see if there is any resources to download.
    The websites in China are currently full websites, LCD warehouses and other websites. The screen reservoir needs to pay, and the price is more expensive. The LCD warehouse is better, but it is also limited to download.
    has no way to take a walk on Taobao, search for the "LCD specification book", and ask those shopkeepers to see if there is any hand in hand, if there is, the price is cheap, and fast ...

  2. Generally, the liquid crystal screens are charged on the Internet, and the screen reservoir is even more price. The specifications we need to use each time, I go to Hangzhou Lihuang, let them be provided by customer service or responsible colleagues, but The specification books are all English. Those who want to see Chinese are directly seen on their website. The main parameters have all listed

  3. There is now a website called "Souping". The specifications above are free to download, and there are more than 10,000 specifications on the platform. You can go there.

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