3 thoughts on “Interview IT, what questions will interviewers ask”

  1. 1. Do you introduce yourself?
    2. If you want to describe yourself in one sentence (a word), what will you say?
    3. How about your academic performance?
    4. What do we win in our company?
    5. What ways do you know our company?
    6. What advantages do you think you can be competent in this position?
    7. What are your hobbies?
    8. What is your family situation?
    9. Do you have any questions to ask?
    The experience interviewers will derive different raises on each of the above questions.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is quickly querying the answer. Hello, I am glad to serve you. According to your question, the respondent is working hard to organize the best answer. Please wait patiently to bring you inconvenience. Sorry, you can also describe your current question during the waiting process. For answering questions, thank you for your cooperation and understanding! In sorting out the answer, please wait patiently ...nIn the interview session, it is generally divided into a few rounds. Usually after HR interview is passed, it is the home of the interview. The technical interview is really testing technology. Take the interview question of Java programmers. Please use two design patterns to write code. This problem is usually required, and the basic programming ability is examined. 2. Please describe the three characteristics and usage scenarios of object -oriented. This question is also one of the must -have, examine the basic knowledge of the object of the object 3. Write programs related to data structure, such as "implement a special stack, based on the basic functions of the stack, then realize the minimum elements returning to the stack in the stack. operate". This issue examines the understanding of data structure. 4. Editor the design questions, for example, "Given a 32 -bit integer n, which can be 0 or negative, and returns the number of 1 in the integer binary expression." This question examines the understanding of complex algorithms. 5. Please describe the use and differences of JVM stacks, stacks, and method areas. Common issues, this question examines the understanding of JVM. 6. Example the difference between Java8 and Java7, compare code for example. This question examines the understanding of new technologies. 7. Perform the principle description of the GC used. This question inspection understands the garbage recovery mechanism. 8. For example, an analysis of the source code of a JDK function or class. This question investigation understands the technical principles. 9. Talk about your past project experience. This problem is also very common. It is the past work experience of job seekers, mainly project experience. 10. Talk about the most complicated technical problems encountered in the past and say solutions. This problem is also a common test question, understanding the project experience of job seekers, and examining the problem of solving its problems, and you can also understand the complexity of the project you experienced.

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