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In the elastic body of polyurethane, is the NCO/OH = 1.05 1.05? How does the NCO and OH inside calculate? The key is how to calculate it. It is best to give an example. I haven't understood this problem for a long time. Please help me to answer in detail. Thank you

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  1. 1. Check the polyurethane manual or Baidu Encyclopedia with NCO content on it. The prefabricated can use the content you set or detected. Use 42 (that is, N C O). The molecular weight occupied by a NCO function group:
    2, the polyurethane manual, the hydroxyl value of the polyol, the 56100 divided by the hydroxyl value, the amount of OH's equivalent, which is the amount of molecularly occupied by a OH function group;
    3. If it is a variety of isocyanate or a variety of multi -alcohol, the equivalent of each component is multiplied by the proportion of the component, that is, the amount of the mixing is obtained.
    4, you can know that the NCO equivalent isterocyanate group is divided into a multi -alcohol component of the amount of INDEX, which is 1.05.
    5 mentioned above. Compare. I believe the following is simple, I wish good luck.

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