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  1. Everyone's WeChat has several groups, lovers, friends, classmates, the same hobby group, colleagues, ...

    , but you found no, some groups are "dead groups", some groups are "dead groups", No one said a week, or even a month. This "dead group" often happened in the old classmates. Originally, everyone had not seen each other for more than ten years, and used WeChat to form a group. At the beginning, everyone felt fresh and thought that they could talk about the more than ten years of things, and they could relive the friendship of more than ten years ago. But it didn't take long for no one to speak, as if everyone was busy. Actually, as long as you pay attention to observation, you will find that the changes in each person in these ten years have been too great, and the common topic has become less. It is nothing more than talking about what happened more than ten years ago, but the things at that time could be able to be able to. I don't remember much. For more than ten years, the living environment of each person is different. Without the same way of thinking, there is not so much talk.

    The groups of people have done one thing together. At that time, it was convenient for contact, convenient exchange and discussion, and formed. For example, sign up for a driver's license together, participate in a training course together, and so on. However, when that thing was done, the group was quiet. However, you pay attention to observing that there are not many people who retreat. Basically, they have this mentality: there is nothing to say in the group, and they are reluctant to retreat, for fear of what they miss. Of course, from time to time, someone will advertise, which is really annoying.

    This groups that are often active are those with similar ideas and attention. Because of the common topic, their updated information understanding is almost synchronized. Therefore, the often active groups in your WeChat are your "circle".

    If you find that you are the family besides the colleague group, then, it means that you have not made full use of the circles in the Internet era.

    sm in the crowd in the group. You must clearly know your purpose in the group and know what you want to get. It is the characteristics of the master.

    The people mistakenly think that sending a few advertisements in the group and sending a few sets to like it. This is to make full use of the group. In fact, not, you do this, the people who use the group naked, are not benefit, but consume the favor of others, reduce their own value, and lose money.

    From a personal perspective, the role of WeChat groups mainly includes: to meet more people, get more information, and expand their reputation.

    It in the group, meet those who are weak with themselves as weak as possible. People who are contacted are often similar to their current situation and their abilities are similar. They pay attention to things, so different information we get from these people will be very small. And those who are weak, we can often get new information from them and see another window outside.

    The expansion of your reputation is of course to establish a good image. You must have a sense of responsibility and good morality.

    If a person wants to develop and wants to improve, he must find WeChat group that suits you outside the company and relatives.

    The same professional group. If you are a sale, you can find the group formed by the seller. In this group, you can learn and communicate, the concept of sales, and the market trend and market market. In this group, you can improve your ability.

    The groups of related industries. If you are a car sales, you can find group -related groups, such as car enthusiast groups, car evaluation groups, a car owner group ... Through these groups, you can understand more accurately. Different models The difference between consumers and demand for consumers can also meet more car enthusiasts, which is also very helpful for your sales.

    The same hobby group. For example, reading, music, and fitness groups, such a group of common hobbies, can expand weak connections well. Everyone's work and life may be different, but if the hobbies are the same, then the social class is very close, and it is basically a weak connection. It is easy to achieve resource swap.

    A group. When it was established, it always has its purpose. To achieve the purpose, someone is always organized.

    The WeChat group is the same. The establishment of a group has its own purpose. When we join a WeChat group, we must first understand what this group is to do is to learn a certain knowledge skill, gather contacts, operate products, product promotion ... If you understand the purpose of Jianqun, and then combine your own skills, use your own skills to play your own skills, play your own skills, play your own skills, play your own skills, play your own skills, play your own skills, and use your own skills to play your own skills. Some "good" role.

    For example, in the learning group, you can often share some notes, learn experience, supplement extra -curricular information, organize some classmates to help students connect the connections, etc., so that you can expand your reputation, so At the same time, you can also get the resources you want.

    The process of any group will have a process from prosperity to decline, but the length of time is different. The groups of colleagues and family groups are relatively stable. Those groups that are out of their mission have basically declined after the completion of the mission. At this time, you don't have to retreat, but you need to remove attention and re -assign your energy to the next circle that is more suitable for you.

    is now a time to play communities. WeChat group is a kind of community. Choosing a WeChat group that suits you is to choose a circle that suits you, make full use of the WeChat group, and play the role of the circle.

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