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  1. Add the process as follows:
    Prive first to enter your own QQ software; click the "Find" button in the menu bar below the QQ; click the "Find Group" option to enter the "exchange" related name in the search bar; according to your own requirements , Find the same group that meets your requirements, click the "Add Group" option; finally wait for the administrator to verify. WeChat joins the exchange group, as long as there are friends in the group, you can pull you to enter.
    1, Abel group (), also known as switching group or addition, is such a group:
    2, it consists of its own collection G and binary operation*. In addition to satisfying the general group axioms, that is, the combination of operations, G has the unit element and all G elements of G, and also meet the axiom of exchange. Because the group transportation calculation of the Abel group meets the law of exchange and binding, the value of the group elements has nothing to do with the order of the multiplication operation.
    3, the concept of Abel group is one of the basic concepts of abstract algebra. The basic research object is molding and vector space. The theory of Abel group is simpler than other non -Abel groups. The limited Abel group has been completely studied. The theory of infinite Abel group is currently being studied.

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