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  1. After reading a name carefully, I believe that everyone's gains must be a lot. At this time, the most critical reading notes cannot be forgotten. So do you really know how to write reading notes? The following is a reading notes for "The cabin on the grassland" I have compiled for everyone. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 1 Since I read the book "The cabin on the grassland", I understand a lot of truth.
    "The cabin on the grassland" is a simple book, a very simple story. It was many years ago. Write this rustic book, and this simple story people live in this cabin at that time. He started in Da Sen and later lived on the prairie. It was a kind of tranquility and satisfaction. Everything at that time was like a fire in the glass cover that was shiny, beating, it was very mild. The happiness at that time was a fire -like happiness. Those who wrote this rustic story said that she liked to watch such oil lamps the most when she was a child. This is also a real American story, so a carriage with a canopy appears.
    The heroic dog, named "Jack". There is also the most man -like father. There are many dangers. Because the story is on the way to migration. But under the tone of a oil lamp, they were just like a leaves, and they fell on the ground, and their sounds were lighter. The coffee on the road is still boiled, sprayed, grilled bread and chicken cake, and broth. The three meals a day also started with napkins. The children wearing clothes worn by iron were scalded with iron! They know that they are alone, knowing that life must settle poetically. On the way they walked, they established the prestige, and they were all exquisite atmosphere and layout. They became later the United States!
    "The cabin on the grassland" is the American writer Laura. Ingle period. Written, she is really a wonderful writer. Her voice is simple and clear, and at the same time, she is good at details. The strong sense of language rhythm makes her work as beautiful as poetry. Such reading is really a enjoyment. This book also learned a lot of life skills, understood the knowledge of nature, understood the hardships and happiness of life, and cultivated our healthy, hard -to -study, brave and kind, and not afraid of difficulty.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 2 lively, brave Rala, and the family from the big forest of Wisconsin to the west of the west, and came to the Kansas Prairie. The Lola family met some neighbors on the grassland. They helped each other, reclaiming wasteland, and establishing a homeland. Since they moved into the cabin, a series of thrilling, terrible and interesting things happened, such as being surrounded by wolves at night, woken up by the fighting roar of the Indians. What is more terrible is that the whole family has cold and fever ( That is, malaria), and it is impossible to take care of each other, and the death is summoned by death! But there are also happy things, such as Christmas Christmas gifts, Indians are drove away from the prairie, and so on. Live a surprise and happy life every day. But good days are not long. Although the Indian people left, the government came from the government to send the army to drive them away. In order not to wait for the army to drive them, Dad had to leave the prairie reluctantly.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" reading notes 3 winter vacation. I read a book called "The cabin on the grassland", which was written by American writer Laura. Its language is very humorous and vivid.
    This written by the Laura family left the comfortable Wisconsin Grand Forest, driving a carriage to experience the difficulty of moving to the grassland to live in the prairie. The Laura family was the epitome of the first generation of western pioneers at the time. Their family lived on the picturesque prairie. Although she was worrying about food and clothing, there was always danger.
    . They are brave and strong. They are not afraid of rebuilding the house, the threats of being surrounded by the wolf groups are not afraid, and the fire burning fires are not afraid ... they overcome all difficulties with action and wisdom.
    . After reading this book, I deeply felt the strong willpower and perseverance of the Laura family. They experience that ordinary people can't experience it. They have been hurt on the way, but they neither cry nor give up. They chose to be strong. How difficult their lives are, but the humble cabin is full of love and happiness.
    We every character in the book, I like it very much. Many of the spiritual moments that are worthy of my learning are inspiring me.
    I admiring the courage and calmness of Dad Charles. He perfectly improved the cabin, bringing warmth and sufficient security to the children. When the neighbor's house had difficulties, he helped him regardless of personal safety. He admired me very much.
    I also like Mr. Edwardz's enthusiasm. In order to give Laura and Mary for Christmas gifts, Mr. Edwardz swim in the stream in the cold winter and accompany the Laura family to Christmas. What a rare friendship!
    Also, I like Mary's generosity, Laura's optimism, mother's tenderness and loving ...
    In "Wooden House on the Prairie", I understand the truth, no matter what difficulties I encounter As long as you have love, firm beliefs, and determination to persist in the end, I believe that if you can do it well, you will definitely succeed!
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 4 In the ocean of reading, I have experienced Robinson's deserted island survival, tasting the toughness and helplessness of the mother and wolf in the dream of the wolf king, and for Feien to Weber The love was moved and moved to tears. The most rewarding me is the "cabin on the grassland" I recently watched.
    This book mainly tells the story of the Laura family, from the large forest in Wisconsin, to the story of the grassland of Kansas. Along the way, they encountered a storm, and the wheels were covered with mud, staying for a week; then they crossed the turbulent river rivers in a thrilling manner; when they arrived in the grassland, they also encountered wolves surrounded by wolves, grassland fires, and fierce. The grassland is hot, but in the face of this kind of difficulties, they still cover the cabin indomitable and live a happy life.
    It finished this book, my heart could not be calm for a long time because of the Laura family's struggle. When crossing the river, the river almost overturned the carriage, but with the efforts of Dad, the carriage was pulled on the shore; when the family was surrounded by the wolf group, the father did not shoot, but calmly guarded the family and the wolf. The group was rotated to dawn; when the grassland fire occurred, the parents dug a circle of trenches around, and put a moisting sack in the pit to prevent the fire spread. Dad is not afraid of difficulties, toughness, and the spirit of facing the difficulty moved me deeply. This reminds me of my dad. When he first learned to swim, he couldn't move forward and continued to sink, but he did not know how to practice, and finally swim slowly. Now he can swim tens of meters now. I was proud of my dad.
    The is invincible and involved in the difficulty, and he retreats. In the future, I must also learn from these two dads. In the face of difficulties, we must not shrink, but to meet the difficulties. Only when you are tough can you become a real strong in life.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" reading notes 5 flowers bloom, which is the love of the earth; the tide rises and the waves of the waves are the love of them; Sincere love.
    love, neither selfish nor hesitation. It's just a sincere call and inner conscience. Although it is precious, it is also ordinary. Give us the comfort of our soul.
    "The cabin on the grassland" shows the true feelings and warm care of the world to the fullest. This book mainly writes: a Roland's family moved from the city to the grassland, and encountered many thorns and bumps along the way. Failure -puppy disappears, backward economy, food and clothing ... but also has many happiness and happiness -Christmas at the same time, opening a family gathering, intellectual competition ... Roland and sister are happy under the tolerance of love. Growing up, gradually mature, and gradually sensible! The most memorable of these is the melodious piano sound of Roland's father and the charming smile of his mother. Whenever the failed alarm bell sounds in his heart, the painful tears flow on the face, or the fruit of the success of the family together, when the sound of Roland's singing sounds, the singing voice of Roland Floating in the air again. The father picked up the violin full of wind and frost and played affectionately. The mother showed a sweet smile on the side. Is the joy in the smile? No, it is more of the pain of pain.
    What is it supporting them to move forward in adversity and work hard, of course, love. Love and love are woven, bitter and bitter, this is a great love, a kind of selfless love; this is an extreme suffering, a desperate suffering. There is a kind of love called "dedication", there is a kind of love called "giving", and a kind of love called "no return". The love of his father is the pot of tea. The fragrance is pleasant, which is endless. The mother's love is cup of coffee, which is delicious and makes people yearn for infinite longing. Parents created a world when we were young, for us to live happily, and we can only use our best achievements to return our parents. Only by everyone passing love and giving love can this society overflow and make this world full of love!
    This -sweet and warm, and love is like this, moisturizing everyone's heart field, making everyone's life exuding fragrance.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 6 I read the book "The cabin on the grassland" in three days. This book is an American writer. Ings. Wilder's classic, she started writing novels in her sixties, but her series of novels are very interesting.
    This This book mainly describes the Laura family who leaves Viskxing Forest, drove a carriage, and experienced the difficulty of moving to the Grasson Prairie. The Laura family was the epitome of the first generation of Western Pioneers at that time. Their family lived on the beautiful grassland. Although there was no worry -free food and clothing, they always had danger and threat. Siege ... they overcome them with wisdom.
    All of them are full of love for each other.
    I admiring Laura's father's bravery and calmness, he is clever and has a sense of responsibility.
    I admire Mary's cuteness and cuteness, obedient and happy to share ...
    . They have experienced many setbacks, and they face quite many difficulties. But when we were born, there were grandparents' care and care of their parents. It can be described as "the clothes come to reach out, and the meals come to open our mouths", but we lack Laura their beliefs, firmness, and less spiritual spirit.
    This book lets me know that as long as there is love, firm belief in my heart, and determination to persist. I believe that this matter must be successful and you will be successful.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" reading notes 7 Roland's family set foot on the journey to the western prairie in order to peace and beautiful life. Pictures: Crossing the glacier, the flow of flow, the wolf group, the grassland fire and the Indians, as well as the beautiful starry sky, moonlight, bonfire, and the cabin on the grassland made of hard work and wisdom.
    The most impressive is that the day before Christmas, when Roland and Mary quickly changed from disappointment to despair, my father's friend Mr. Edward came. He said: I saw Santa Claus. The stream rose to the rough water. Santa Claus was too fat and too old to swim, and I was thin and young, so I asked me to bring the Christmas gift. what! There are tin cups, sugar sticks, exquisite heart -shaped cakes, and brilliant coins! Dad held Mr. Edward's shivering hand, and his mother was busy roasting sweet potatoes and turkey. Roland and Mary used new cups to drink fruit juice. Everyone ate a delicious meal together and lived a happy Christmas! Mr. Edward woven a colorful dream for Roland and Mary with his kind and beautiful soul.
    Also, Dad encountered a group of wolves deep in the grassland, more than 50! Dad rode Patty slowly walking in the wolves, so that he was attacked by the wolf group. After the wolves left, they quickly passed through the prairie and went home safely. At night, the group of wolves came again, and Dad kept standing by the window with guns. Fortunately, a group of wild deer brought away the wolves, and the cabin recovered peace and peace. What a calm and brave dad!
    Igly, brave, strong and optimistic dad, simple and friendly mother, humorous and enthusiastic Mr. Edward ... are all our good example. Let us go through the storm, see the world, and be a real self!
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 8 this winter vacation, I read a book called "The cabin on the grassland".
    This book was written by American writer Huaide. This book is a writer of the Newberry Children's Literature Award. This book is mainly about: the Laura family left the Grand Forest of Westers and Thailand, and drove a risky journey to the Kansas prairie to spend a happy day.
    It after reading this book, what made me feel deeply: my father did not bring prejudice to look at the Indians, and believed that the Indians were also good.
    This tells us not to look at a person with prejudice and have good thoughts so that you will meet more kind people.
    Yes, I have experienced such a thing
    That day, my mother and I came to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. Before entering the vegetable market, I heard the noisy inside: "Grapes, Dajufeng grapes, don't be sweet. Qian "take a look, take a look, don't miss it", "Cucumber, just picked, no pesticides, green and environmentally friendly vegetables." .......... Looking at these hawkers with red ears, my heart could not help but feel contempt. Thinking in my heart: These people know that they are obsessed with conscience and make money, and they are really adulterers.
    We when we were choosing the dishes, the fruit booth spit out a lot of people at once, and walked into a look. I saw an old man lying in the middle of the crowd. When everyone was panicked, it was unexpectedly the most fierce brother who just shouted. He squatted beside the old man and looked at, "Stroke, you have to send it to the hospital quickly." The electric tricycle disappeared into my sight. The crowd first was silent and then praised. I was also admired by the kind of contempt for me just now.
    This tells us that people are not only evil but also good, and they cannot see the obstacles.
    Is this person is not the same as Indians? Although there are disadvantages, there are advantages! Therefore, I can't look at someone with prejudice.
    Reading this book, I feel deeply.
    "The cabin on the grassland" Reading notes 9 on the vast grassland, except grass or grass, green and green as the sky. However, if you look closely, you will find a delicate cabin under the green tree. That is "The cabin on the grassland", which is a warm little home of Laura. They live there are so happy, so happy, free, worry -free. From time to time, small animals run over curiously. Who doesn't want to live such a beautiful life? Like the children we live in the city, facing high -rise buildings and car water every day, who doesn't want to be close to nature?
    In fact, at the beginning, Laura and her father, mother, sister and sister lived in a small wooden house in the forest and lived a happy life. However, one day, a large number of fractured workers came, holding the chainsaw in their hands, and cut the trees at once. They were still building a road. In this way, there are more cars, more people, and small animals have lost their beautiful home. And her sister Xiao Jiali kept crying as soon as she heard the voice of the car, and Laura and her sister Mary couldn't stand it. In desperation, Dad decided to bring a family to build a new free homeland on the grassland.
    The longing for a better life, overcoming and difficult danger along the way, his father Charles's brave and resolute character deeply infected the whole family. After thousands of hardships, the Laura family finally arrived at the prairie, finally formed a friend with the Indians, and finally could contact the animals again. The Laura family was not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tiredness, and finally lived a life he wanted.
    It is like the star on that day is singing the beautiful song, the name of this song is called -persistence!
    But in our lives, we must also have this unremitting courage to achieve our good wishes.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 10 I read the book "The cabin on the grassland", and the author who knew this book was Roland Ings Huaide. Dangerous, experienced nine books, and now all classics of children's literature in the world.
    The main content of this book is: With the inspiration of the development of a new life, the parents took Mary, Lauren, and Lynch Linlin, who were less than seven years old, and left the big forest in Wisconsin. After the Minnesota, Aiwa, and Missouri, they passed the icing lakes, passed the rapids, climbed the cliff, and arrived in the Kansas prairie. They built a small wooden house and settled near the independent town. In order to maintain their lives, Dad led them to reclaim wasteland and hunt. The family resisted the attack of the wolf group, escaped the fire on the grassland, survived the chimney of the chimney, and the mother was suppressed by the wood ... because at the time The Indian reserved area cannot be developed to settlement immigrants, so they can only leave. Their biggest gain is to make two good friends.
    Irds after reading this book, I have to learn the hard work spirit of hard work from Mary's father, learn hard and brave advantages from their children, and learn from their mothers no matter how hot the summer, how cold the winter is in winter, how cold the winter is in All have to go out to pick blackberries. In the future, I will listen to my father and mother in the future. When I grow up, I will be the pillar of the motherland. In addition, I also like this book very much, because this book can increase our knowledge, increase imagination, and allow us to better play and use the knowledge learned.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" Read Notes 11 In this summer, I opened the bookcase and took a book. · Roland Huaide.
    This book is a book that I am not tired of reading. It mainly writes the Roland's family to go to the prairie. They face the long and wide Mississippi River, the surrounds of wolves, the harassment of the Indians, the danger of the fire, the wind and rain blocking, etc. ...
    I I like this book, because the reason is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because it is not long because It was this book that made me boil the helplessness and hardship of the pioneer.
    This book was written under the encouragement of Ing Sloan Huaide. It is like a cup of ordinary coffee with sweetness. As long as you taste it carefully, you can experience its taste.
    I found that the dad in the article was very similar to my dad. Last year, it was snowing, blocking our way home. My dad drove a day and one night to get home. He didn't sleep all night. It was very hard. And Roland's father returned from the town. In order to return home early, the wind and rain could not stop his way. At this time, I felt the greatness of my father's love.
    But because of the government's decision, the Roland's family could not move again and again. They could have lived a happy and peaceful life on the grassland, but they were going to move again. I don't know what would happen in the future. I really sympathized with the encounters of so many pioneers.
    "The small wooden house on the grassland" reading notes 12 "The cabin on the grassland" was written by American female writer Roland according to her previous personal experience. It is very beautiful and very real.
    Roland's family was the early pioneer in the United States. First, he lived in the Great Forest of Wisconsin, and then moved to the vast Kansas Grassland. He experienced various dangerous situations, such as the flow of rivers, crossing the ice lake, and so on. On the prairie, they built their own houses, dug wells, hunting themselves, planting fields, etc., and they helped each other with other pioneers on the grassland. They also encountered the Indians. They lived happily and happy. Finally, because of the signing of the US government, they had to leave this prairie to move to the independent town to live.
    The Roland family in the book is a warm family. They have super -handling dads, kind and simple mothers, and responsible dogs (Jack). Everyone can always help a little bit at home. busy. Among these people, I like Roland's father the most. He has a strong ability and very good at hunting. The food in the family was hit by him and asked his mother to burn. When he was lucky Fortunately, he could only fight back a hare. He is also the one who pays the most for his family. Take it to build a house and dig a well: In order to let his family live a comfortable and happy life, he cut the tree with an ax and cut it into a wooden board to build a house. Those who want to do such things must have a high patience and strong hands -on ability. If it is me, it will not work. He also dug wells for the whole family, which made him almost lose his life. I admire "Dad". When I grow up, I will also become as brave and capable as him.
    "The cabin on the grassland" tells us how difficult it is to survive in the wild. Everyone must have tenacious willpower and hard work, so that they will not be on the grassland. The harsh environment and climate are troubled and frightened. In fact, doing anything else is the same. Strongness and persistence are very important.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 13 read the story of "The cabin on the grassland", I was very moved!
    "The cabin on the grassland" mainly describes the story of the Roland family who leaves the Wisconsin Forest, driving a tent, and experienced the story of moving to the Kansas Prairie. The Roland family was the epitome of the first generation of Western Pioneers at that time. Their family lived on the picturesque grassland, but there were always threats and dangers. They are not afraid of the burning grassland fires. They are not afraid of the hard work of rebuilding the house. They are not afraid of being threatened by the wolves ...
    This little stories are more interesting than one, making people unforgettable. He told us that no matter what difficulties encountered, we must face bravely. Although their cabin is dilapidated, it is full of warmth.
    I I was doing Olympiad before and encountered the topic that I couldn't. I thought for a long time, but I couldn't think of it, I won't write it. There was another time I wanted to write a diary, but I didn't write it after writing it. When I read the "cabin on the grassland", I am very ashamed. I must persist in the end no matter what I do in the future, and I don't give up easily. You must do it bravely when you encounter difficulties!
    As long as you face bravely and do not give up, you will definitely get rewards.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 14 I read a book during the holidays. I was very moved because of the book "The cabin on the grassland" because it told a simple story.
    The author Laura Ingles Cupr, the article tells a little girl, and their family members have many stories in the small wooden house in the west. What made me remember is such a paragraph (Chapter 12): Once, Laura's father's neighbor helped his father to dig a well. The neighbor fainted because he inhaled too much gas gases, and his father pulled him up, so that his neighbors would be saved. In this paragraph, I realized that it was important to have a neighbor, because we had water wells with them before they had water. With us, neighbors had a second life. In actual life, neighbors are our assistants, and at the same time we are also neighbors' helpers. It is a wonderful thing to help each other.
    has such a pair of neighbors. During the decoration, the decoration workers broke the meter, so the two of them used an electric meter, but the homeowner of 403 did not use electricity. The 404 homeowner was not there, so I had to pay 370 yuan by 403 homeowners. As soon as 404 homeowners returned home, 403 homeowners came to the door. However He only paid 74 yuan. 403 The homeowner knew that he could not use 400 degrees of electricity, so the two quarreled. In the end, the daughter of the 404 homeowner said, "Dad, have you forgotten? We have seen the meter during the decoration, and we have used 450 degrees! Dad blushed. Since then, the two have become a very good pair. Neighbors.
    The only understanding between neighbors and helping each other is the real neighbor.
    "The cabin on the grassland" reading notes 15 "The cabin on the grassland" is American writer Laura Sn Wilder's masterpiece.
    In a deep winter dawn, the snow on the ground still flashed a faint starlight. Home in the Great Forest. They are going to move to a strange place, where there is an endless prairie, the grass grows tall and dense, like a rich ranch. The unexplained forest has passed through the rolling Mississippi River ... Finally came to Kansas, there are turquoise and green grass, all kinds of small animals are happy to play in the grass. The fish swims around, and the frog has a concert in the river. Dad decided to build a small wooden house for the family here.
    in the process of looking for a new home, the Laura family experienced countless storms and rain Rain: The hardships of the road, the siege of the wolf group, the violations of malaria, the disturbance of the Indians, the fire of the grassland, etc., but in the face of many difficulties, the family always faces every day with an optimistic attitude. With the efforts of people, they have sufficient food, a strong cabin, and a clean well ... They get better in labor and gain happiness.
    The spirit of not being afraid of hardships and optimism is deeply moved. I want to take them as an example. When I encounter difficulties, I will bravely move forward and never shrink back.

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