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  1. The morning and evening party decided to accumulate a person's ability and experience. Although the 35 -year -old age is slightly old, it is not impossible to re -start again. Some people themselves are not suitable for their own industries, so they choose to change their careers in middle -aged, and there are many situations of flying in the sky. So, what are the best things to be changed at the age of 35? What are the 35 -year -old women who learn more about employment? Let's take a look at it together!

    5 occupations for 35 -year -olds to be changed 1. Entering the sorting of takeoffs or cargo
    If it is a 35 -year -old middle -aged person to enter the workplace, neither academic qualifications nor technical nor technology Don't panic. Because it is not difficult to find a diverse job, and the income is also good. The difficulty is that you are willing to eat this suffering. Generally speaking, there are two types of tasks in major cities, and there are no "age discrimination" of 35 -year -old people, and wages are also available.
    2. 废 Become a "waste recyclers" ‍
    . If 35 -year -old middle -aged people are unemployed, but there are some savings in their hands, it is recommended to engage in "waste recycling work". In the first place, this is also an independent entrepreneurial business. The second cost and investment are not high. However, I believe that many people see "collecting waste", and the first impression will think of any waste paper boxes and bottles and cans.
    3. Selling early courier
    In addition to looking for formal jobs, you can also choose to rely on "making a living". Mainly selling early at the school gate. Generally, there will be no "inspection" before 8 o'clock, but before 8 o'clock, you must know how to see it and "evacuate" in time. In addition, students can add students to allow students to "book breakfast" in the circle of friends in advance, so as to stabilize early sales.
    In addition, middle -aged people at the age of 35 can also be "writers". Because of experience, it is easier to write things. At first, I would make a cricket, but I slowly hone for a few months and could always practice it. The things written are even more flowers. From the media articles to writing a speech, post -reading sense, product articles, papers, etc., they can even receive reports from the organs and departments.
    5. Become a hospital accompaniment ‍
    At last, there is a job that is not too tired, but a bit of a person, that is, the hospital accompaniment. It is mainly to look at the elderly, such as the infusion, no liquid to help the doctor, regularly turn over, wipe back, and so on. Under normal circumstances, the monthly income will not be less than 5,000 yuan. The reason why income is not high is that there will be some vacancies in this industry.

    What to learn if a 35 -year -old woman learn 1. Human
    is abroad, there is no post of administrative manager, only personnel manager, specializing in the company's administrative affairs, personnel arrangements, employee assessment training, establishment The company's personnel system, interest distribution system, etc., rights are more than 10,000 people.
    The in the country with the deepening of the system and economy, the manpower and management are increasingly valued. The most important thing for a modern enterprise is not whether the funds are sufficient, but whether there is a group of knowledge and ability to share with the enterprise together with the company. Dead employees, and women's affinity and appeal make them more than the work of personnel manager.
    2. Communication media
    Now it can be called the media era. Any trend can spread throughout every corner of the world overnight, so the media celebrities are all red. Girls have always been a beautiful and eye -catching landscape in the media media. Their income naturally cannot earn for dozens of people for dozens of people.
    This is a "traditional advantage project" of girls, and it is also a deep knowledge in modern economic life. Traditionally, girls have greater advantages than boys: expression ability, communication ability, and coordination ability are stronger and more emotional than boys. In the era of increasingly fierce competition, in the era of eye economy, it is more important than ever.
    This is an industry competing with boys. At present, the proportion of men and women is about half pairs. Although girls only occupy half of the wall, the prospects of the entire industry are very optimistic, and the market gap is very large. The number of test statistics in recent years can explain the problem.

    5. Foreign companies' white -collar workers
    Strictly speaking, white -collar workers in foreign companies are not a profession, but a general name of many occupations. The talks show that they have undergone good professional training, and Chinese and foreign texts come casually; they have different levels of clothing, wearing different grades of elegant sets, lightly packed, entering and leaving high levels;

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