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  1. 1. Causes the attention of society
    The news media is always indispensable in every major incident, and it is these news media that can attract attention and make the victims help more.
    2. Pay attention to the development process of the incident
    The battlefield reporters on many battlefields. They struggle on the front line to get first -hand news. These news media pay attention to the development process of the incident. In the movie, two American journalists risked their lives to shoot the real situation of the Rwanda Holocaust.
    3, the beginning and end of the record event
    The news media will record the beginning and end of the event. They have the first -hand information for future generations for reference and leaving lessons. In the movie, the two American journalists took the tragic situation of the Rwanda Holocaust, and the information left was deeply thought.
    4. Propaganda forces
    The rule of some countries are too brutal, so there are resistance, and some radio or television reports can gather these resistance forces and play a huge role. In the movie "Starting Start", Patrick joined the anti -government army through the radio.

    The expansion information

    Copic common terms
    1, audience: the recipient of the recipient of information dissemination, including readers of newspapers and books, radio audiences, movies and televisions, movies and television Visitors and netizens. The audience is a huge collection in a macro perspective. From a micro perspective, it is a person who is reflected in the rich social diversity.
    2, journal example: It is the advertising form and quotation manual provided by the media that can be published on it. We can understand it as an example of advertising on the media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, online media, outdoor media).
    3, Advertising: Advertising is for some specific needs, through a certain form of media, publicly and extensively convey the publicity of information to the public.
    4, target audience: target audience can also be called target customers, target groups, or target customer groups, referring to marketing or dissemination of receiving crowds.
    5, ratings: Refers to the proportion of the target number of the target audience who watched a TV show during a certain period of time, expressed at a percentage.

  2. Answer: The role of news media is first to publicize the party's line, policy, and policies to grasp the correct public opinion orientation; secondly, be the "ear -purpose and mouthpiece", shouting for it, and give full play to the "drum" and "call". Public opinion supervision role, etc.

  3. The so -called media refers to the medium of spreading information. Popularly speaking, it is a propaganda platform. Those who can provide the platform for information can be called the media. As for the content of the media, according to the relevant national policies, combined with the actual situation of the advertising market, The demand is constantly updated to ensure its feasibility, adaptability and effectiveness. Earlier, the four traditional media are:
    1, newspapers;
    2, TV;
    3, broadcast;
    4, magazines; Online media, new media, such as mobile phone text messages.
    The with the development of science and technology, it has gradually derived the new media, such as: IPTV, electronic magazines, etc. They develop on the basis of traditional media, but they are different from traditional media.
    The classification from the order of appearing:
    1, newspapers and publications should be the first media;
    2, the broadcast should be the second media;
    3, television should be third media;
    4, the Internet should be called the fourth media;
    5, the mobile network should be the fifth media.
    But as far as its importance, adaptability, and effectiveness are concerned, today's broadcast is TV tomorrow. TV is gradually becoming a "second media", and the Internet is gradually rising from "fourth media" to "first media". Although the advertising revenue of TV has always increased significantly, "advertising cakes" are increasingly divided by new media such as the Internet, outdoor media, and the division of the change after change. This is an indisputable fact. At the same time, the flat media have summarized the advertising platforms such as newspapers, magazines, albums, envelopes, calendars, three -dimensional billboards, neon lights, empty fluttering, LED kanbans, light boxes, outdoor TV walls, etc. TV and other advertising platforms.
    Inned this, in terms of its current appropriateness, the media should be divided into three categories: plane, radio waves, and networks, namely:
    1, graphic media: mainly include printing, non -printing,, non -printing categories,, non -printing categories,, non -printing categories,, non -printing categories,, non -printing categories, non -printing,,, non -printing,,, non -printing,,, non -printing,,,,, Optoelectronics and so on.
    2, radio media: mainly including broadcasting, TV advertisements (subtitles, standards, film and television), etc.
    3, network media: mainly include network indexes, planes, animations, forums, etc.
    , if it is appropriately adjusted in its form, it is clearly divided into "media", then there are only "three major media" in my country's current media.

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