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  1. I remember the number of workers at the Taiping Life River source Center branch on July 22 last year. I blinked for a full year, and I also had a deeper understanding of the insurance and insurance industry. Through this article, I entered the insurance industry for one year. And perception, I hope to help friends who have entered the insurance industry and intend to enter the insurance industry.

    Why enter the insurance industry

    First of all, say why you choose to make insurance. If you want to make insurance, you plan to buy insurance for your child early last year. He then told him that he had come to Taiping. I never heard of Taiping's company at the beginning. I thought it was the Pacific Ocean. After this fellow science, I learned that the background and history of the company's company.

    It during the chat process with this fellow and the self -insurance department of the Taiping Life River Source at that time, I learned that Taiping had just entered the Heyuan Market, so he asked if he could do part -time jobs.

    Because I have been considering the transformation in recent years, I encountered some bottlenecks in the workplace. My wife's women's shop business was not as good as before. At the same time, I was very optimistic about the prospects of the insurance industry because I studied stocks It is found that the operating income and net profit growth of the insurance industry are very high, and it is found that people around them have begun to buy insurance one after another in recent years. Manager Peng said that he can currently be part -time, saying that if you are interested, you can try it.

    For part -time jobs, I have been discussing with my wife. My wife did not agree at first, because the child was too young, and to do two jobs at that time. Too little, after repeated communication and persuasion, my wife agreed to try it.

    At the same time, many information about the insurance industry was checked online, including the insurance density and depth of insurance in China and developed countries. Lord), China's promotion policies in the insurance industry in recent years, and so on. During this period, he also talked with Taiping's individual insurance department and general manager several times, attracted by Taiping's three high culture, so he decided to try part -time in Taiping.

    In plug in, there were also consideration to go directly to insurance agencies at that time, because I believe that the sales of insurance in the future must be based on intermediaries (insurance brokers or independent agents). However, there is only a insurance intermediary in Heyuan, and some concepts of Panhua are really rejected, and they feel that in the place of Heyuan, most people can not accept such fresh things such as insurance intermediaries. Intermediary training is much weaker than insurance companies. Based on various factors, consider going to Taiping first.

    The remember that Huang Yiping of the Taiping Shanghai Branch in June last year left Taiping and went to the insurance supermarket (intermediary). Later, Huang Yiping went to the big boy. Of course, this was the last word.

    In July to October last year: 3 months of part-time job

    from the end of July to the end of October last year, I have been working part-time insurance. After all, I do n’t know much about this The industry does not know the company of Taiping Life. After graduation, he has been engaged in technical management in the power plant and has not done sales, so he dare not quit the work of the power plant so easily.

    In this period of leisure time to understand the products of Taiping and other companies. Hong Kong's insurance products are also understood, including how to inform the truth, and the two years of the new insurance law cannot be defense. what is going on.

    At the same time, he is also continuing to understand the insurance industry. During this period, after knowing that developed countries and regions exceeded 10,000 US dollars per capita GDP, the insurance industry will usher in an explosive growth (Guangdong Province GDP per capita GDP per capita It broke through 10,000 US dollars in 2015), and also knew that the US insurance industry assets accounted for 40%of its total financial industry assets, Britain was 38%, and China was less than 5%.

    Since I am part -time and I have just entered this industry, I did not make a bill in the early stage. At the end of July, Taiping was in the same way to learn the risk, so I sent WeChat to dozens of familiar friends who are familiar with the local familiar local area. Voice, tell them that I went to Taiping to do part -time insurance, and helped the child to buy a flat risk to find me. In the end, only Qiuping bought it alone.

    is very strange. I didn't feel a little frustration. I think this is a normal thing.

    In September, a friend in Shenzhen, a friend who had met once before (this friend is very important for me), ask me on WeChat if I can help him make an insurance solution. Then I have been talking to him about the advantages and disadvantages of the company's main products on WeChat. At that time, Xinhua's multi -time insurance just launched and liked this product very much. Configure a part of Taiping's critical illness insurance. In addition, the consumer accident insurance of Taiping's official website and Kangyue Medical (0 compensation, 500,000 reimbursement quota), which can be reimbursed for reimbursement, is also my first order.

    In October, I participated in the transfer training course in Huizhou. I talked a lot with many trainees and some taught teachers in Huizhou. A lot of thoughts will be impacted. It is very optimistic about the development prospects of the insurance industry. It is also an opportunity to just enter the Heyuan Market when it has just entered the Heyuan Market. At the end of October, it was officially devoted to insurance.

    In 4 months in Taiping's full -time

    has done it for four months in Taiping full -time, November, December last year, February, March this year, and November last year. The sales of annuity insurance (the opening of the insurance company), the sales of health insurance in December, returned to my hometown in January for almost a month. Sales. After these four months, my performance and organizational development have done well, and the team has developed to more than 20 people. Of course, this mainly depends on the support of the company; I also participated in the training of quasi -manager, the training of manager promotion, PTT training, and so on.

    It this 4 months learned about the operating model of the insurance company, basically the product sales of the main 2 months, and then the additional one month, and then cycle. Of course, sometimes the main one -month product sales, and one month will be increased. At present, most insurance companies in China are sold by the agent system, and there are no thresholds. In fact, it is a typical direct sales system. A very important feature of the direct sales system is to continue to increase members. The higher the higher.

    It does not evaluate the pros and cons of this system. I can only say that I do n’t like many subject companies to promote it. Do insurance. Seeing a set of data, in the insurance industry, the one-year retention rate is about 10%, and the retention rate of three years is between 3%-5%.

    In the decision to transform the third party

    The occasion of this period. My first customer, the customer friend in Shenzhen called me, and found that I did n’t have any now. I did n’t have any now. It was so objective that the circle of friends would only say that Taiping's products were the best. Taiping's service was the first. He asked my Taiping's products would be so good! He also told me that I chose me because I could feel that I would use the products of various companies to compare and analyze. And I also felt that this client friend was not as trust in me.

    I started to reflect on it. It is difficult for a single insurance company to find the most cost -effective products from the customer's needs. ; For consumers who already have the concept of insurance, only by agent can allocate products with the highest cost -effective products.

    Insurance is very different from ordinary products. Whether the claims are completely based on the terms of the insurance contract, and the Insurance Regulatory Commission is very strict in the supervision of insurance companies. Even if there are insurance companies closed down, other companies will take over. Therefore, for consumers, its insurance interests are protected by law. The white paper and black words on the contract can be claimed and claimed. If there is no responsibility on the contract, even if the company's scale is large, it will not pay.

    When the main health insurance was promoted in March, everyone said that the price of serious illness insurance on April 1st, but my rational analysis believes that it is impossible to increase the price, and the future products will become better and better in the future. Essence I think that the price increases to mislead consumers. Even if the performance is very good during this time, what will consumers think in April 1st that consumers find that there is no price increase? In addition, is the company's main critical illness insurance for all consumers?

    So in late March, I decided to transform from insurance agent to insurance agent and develop in Shenzhen because of the most developed finance in Shenzhen in the Pearl River Delta. Essence Brokers can truly be objective, neutral, and professional. From the perspective of customers, they choose products with the highest cost -effective products from the market according to the needs of customers. Only in this way can we go in this industry for a long time.

    It a sentence, not to say that all agents and independent agents can be objective, neutral, and professional. During the inspection process, some agents or independent agents are actually selling sheepskin to sell Dog meat, some insurance intermediaries are the same.

    At the same time, some agents tried to combine the needs of customers to configure products to customers, but it was very difficult because single company products were very limited, and no type of products of any company were all types of products. The market is the highest in the market. At this time, these agents will be very painful.

    It has been inspecting several large life insurance agencies in Shenzhen in Shenzhen in early April, including Mingya, Yongda, Big Boy, Panhua, objectively speaking, these insurances The intermediaries are very good companies, Mingya's feelings and professionalism, Yongda's concentration and high MDRT output, big children's innovation, and Fanhua's financial control platform.

    The agent has its own advantages for agents and agent system (or independent agent system). Consumers, agents are more advantageous. And I also respect the choices of friends of my peers, just like I am not suitable for agents, and some friends may not be suitable for agents.

    S independent financial advisory (insurance investment)

    During the inspection, I also came into contact with the East of Independent Financial Advisor. Independent financial consultants are currently more popular in developed countries such as the United States. Independent wealth management consultants are independent of insurance companies and fund companies. Based on customer needs, we do all -round financial planning and wealth management for customers. More than 50%of the US wealth management market is done through independent financial consultants.

    The intuition tells me that this is the development trend of the future wealth management industry, because whether it is insurance, funds, trusts, etc., it is a very professional stuff. Individuals can help him get a full range of asset allocation, and from the perspective of comprehensive asset allocation, it will be more objective, will not be limited to insurance, nor limited to fund.

    . Doing a comprehensive asset allocation is my hobbies. At the same time, I can play my own advantages. Friends who are familiar with my friends know that in 2011, I started to intervene in Bitcoin. At the same time, I was mobilizing. After buying the digital currency bear market in 2014-2016, I published an article in the public account in October 2016 in the public account.

    In my third -party financial management planning group, the stocks that customers are advised to pay attention a month ago have now risen more than ten points. Of course, for the average person, I still recommend that the fixed investment index fund is the main. Saying that this is not to prove how powerful you are, but to say that doing a full range of wealth management can indeed better play my advantage.

    The during this period, he learned that He Zhiguang and others have also started to be an independent wealth management company in Shanghai in the past two years. He Zhiguang was the early leader of Shanghai Ping An in the early days. Later The general manager of Life Insurance, Dr. Zheng Ronglu has always followed He Zhiguang from Ping An to Taiping. Li Yuan, veteran of Guangzhou AIA, initiated Anying Wealth in Guangzhou, and also done independent wealth management. I think the transformation of old birds in these industries also represents the development trend of the industry.

    The third -party insurance platform I finally chose Mingya, the first domestic life insurance industry insurance brokerage company. Agree with the concept of Mingya's brother Liu Yafei. In July, I was fortunate to listen to the sharing of a brother on the spot. One brother said that no matter who dealt with it, he must consider the problem from the perspective of the other party, instead of imposing his own thoughts on the other party. Agree!

    The third -party investment platform is still inspecting. It is also very welcome to inspect, discuss and exchange friends with the same concept and determine friends who are determined to devote themselves to this industry.

    This is why I have entered this industry, entered the industry for a year, and some views on the development trend of insurance and wealth management industries. Friends are helpful.

    Post -postship:

    . As of November 24, the stock No. 1 shares 1 shall focus on the third -party financial planning group (from July 5) (from July 5) (from July 5) So far 50%, the No. 2 stock (from July 31) rose 40%, the No. 3 stock intervention in September, and the exchange in November (the reason for the replacement: the discovery of the larger the target of the rise space). Of course, I oppose recommendation of stocks, but mainly to promote value investment concepts, explore investment ideas, and jointly enhance investment capabilities.

    In two years of exploration, my passive customer acquisition system became more and more mature, and I reached a special member of the Ming Asian Summit in 2019 (only more than 20 people across the country). As for how I have explored a passive customer acquisition system in the past two years, you can open and read this article:

    In how did I change from sales of small white to TOP SALES mp.weixin.qq

    Deng Chumin: Bachelor of Southeast University, Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Sun Yat -sen University, at the founder of the Masterpiece Fortune Management Center, senior partner and senior sales manager of Mingya Insurance Broker Company, a special member of the Ming Asian summit (Only more than 20 people across the country), COT membership (5 times MDRT in 2019), professional investors, good at community operations, personal brand shaping, resource integration, asset allocation, etc., and is committed to providing comprehensive financial planning consulting for mid -to -high net worth groups Services, including insurance, family trusts, stocks, securities investment funds, private equity funds, etc.

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