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  1. It is charged at 0.5%of the amount of withdrawal, with a minimum of 2 yuan per pen and a maximum of 100 yuan per pen. The ICBC card takes 2,000 yuan on the ATM of the Bank of China, with a handling fee of 2 yuan.
    Most banks still execute the standards of free cash withdrawal, cross-bank cash withdrawal 2-4 yuan, and ranging from 2-12 yuan for different places and cross-border cash withdrawal. Promotion.
    Simbid Huaxia Bank's supreme gold card and VIP card of Minsheng Bank have corresponding discounts. "Some small banks global ATM withdrawal does not spend money." Many urban commercial banks and rural business behaviors expand the customer base and adopt the global ATM withdrawal free approach. If you like consumers in various places, you can handle bank cards for such banks.
    The expansion information:
    1, Bank of China:
    The cardholder withdrawn in other banks in the same city, 4 yuan/pen; Other bank ATMs withdraw money, 12 yuan/pen; It is reported that the original charging standard of the Bank of China is: 2 yuan/pen in the same city, 7 yuan/pen in the province.
    2, CCB:
    The 0.5%plus 2 yuan/pens of the amount of withdrawal of withdrawals in the same city, cross -bank (internal/outside) in different places, 1%plus 2 yuan/pen.
    3, Agricultural Bank of China:
    The averaged 4 yuan/pen across the city, an average of 4 yuan/pen across the province, and 1%plus 2 yuan/pens outside the province.
    4, ICBC:
    The city cross -bank 4 yuan/pens, different places (inside/outside) cross -bank 1%plus 2 yuan/pen.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-cross-bank access fee
    Reference information Source: People's Daily-Bank Raiders ATM to withdraw fees for ingenious recruitment fees

  2. Each fee for cross -bank withdrawal in this city shall not exceed 2 yuan, and each fee for withdrawal outside the city shall not be less than 8 yuan. Specifically, the provisions of each bank are mainly.
    If according to the "Administrative Measures for the Bank of the Banking Card" Article 26, the cardholder's withdrawal of the cost of withdrawal on the ATM machine is borne by himself, and the following charging standards are performed:
    (1) The cardholder is in it in it Withdrawal within the cities of the card, each charging must not exceed 2 yuan;
    (2) Cardholders withdraw money outside their cities outside their card, each charging shall not be less than 8 yuan;
    from ATM from ATM The handling fee obtained by the machine cross -bank withdrawal is allocated at a ratio of 70%of all rows and 30%of the information exchange center.
    The expansion information:

    "The Administrative Measures for the Banking of the Banking Card" Article 36 of the card issuing bank's cash withdrawal shall be authorized for each card. RMB. The card issuer shall set up a transaction limit on the cardholder at the automatic teller machine (ATM machine) to withdraw money. The cumulative withdrawal per card shall not exceed 5,000 yuan per day.
    It 39th electronic information records generated by the cardholder's access to the cardholders based on electronic information such as passwords, such as electronic information such as passwords, and transfer settlement, all of which are effective credentials of the transaction. The card issuing bank can use the transaction details or list as the accounting voucher.
    Reference information Source: People's Bank of China -bank card business management measures

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