1 thought on “How to think of WeChat group number”

  1. Brand model: iPhone13
    System: iOS15.3.1
    Software version: WeChat 8.0.18 Taking WeChat 8.0.18 as an example, WeChat group cannot view the group number, but you can view WeChat group QR code. Divided into 3 steps, the specific steps are as follows: 1 Enter WeChat group chat u003C!-1 Step 1 Enter WeChat group chat-> Open the mobile phone WeChat app, click group chat.

    2 Enter the QR code u003C!-2 Enter the group QR code-> click the three-point icon in the upper right corner and click the QR code.

    3 View WeChat group QR code u003C!-3 Step 3 View WeChat group QR code-> After entering the page, you can check the WeChat group QR code.

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