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  1. 1. The development of beauty in recent years has been rapid. People have the conditions and the ability to pursue beauty, so the demand for beauty is still very large, and the threshold of the beautician industry is low. Teacher likes the job of beauty and is passionate about work. As long as you are willing to work hard, you can endure hardships, it is still very simple to do.
    2. The biggest pressure of the beauty artist comes from performance. It is relatively difficult in the early stage. The salary will not be too high. It is relatively stable after turning. small.
    3. If you are considering opening a store, you can choose to join the brand business as a comprehensive store. You can still get a good return.

  2. The domestic beauty industry has developed for more than 20 years in the mid -1980s. Since this period, the beauty industry has experienced thinking about the growth from the beginning of the initial stage to the intermediate stage. The market size has been from small to large, and employees have rated as much, and manufacturers and professional beauty and cosmetics brands have emerged in a large number. The Chinese beauty industry has actually formed a comprehensive service circulation industry including beauty, hairdressing, cosmetics, beauty equipment, education and training, professional media, professional convention and exhibitions, and marketing.
    In 2008, the financial crisis brought cold cold to the global beauty industry, which led to decline in sales performance of cosmetics companies that mainly rely on European and American markets. However, the Chinese market is "good on the scenery." In 2008, the Chinese beauty market performed high at a rate of 23.8%, achieving the total industrial output value of nearly 320 billion yuan, and the industry's profit increased at a rate of 37.9%.
    By 2008, the demand for Chinese beauty and hairdressing cosmetics has exceeded Japan and South Korea, ranking first in Asia, and second only to the United States and France in the world, ranking third. Due to China's large population and large demand, according to the per capita demand, China's beauty and hairdressing cosmetics industry also has 15-18 times development space, and the future market is very optimistic. China's beauty industry is becoming the fifth largest consumption hotspot after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism. It has good industry development prospects and development space, and huge business opportunities have been prominent.
    The information above is provided by Guangzhou Training Valley, so stay tuned for the source.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Trend 1: Relative to the field of self -employed products from related industries such as skin care products, cosmetics and other related industries, most of them are different. As more professional products of beauty salons enter the professional retail field, more and more high -end beauty services have gone down. The "altar" returns to the popular route.nTrend 2: Medical beauty will be widely developed. At present, more and more beauty institutions have begun to involve micro -plastic surgery projects. However, due to the lack of management and norms, it has seriously affected market order and even harmed consumers' health, causing trust in the beauty industry to trust the beauty industry. crisis. In response to this phenomenon, the person in charge of the beauty institution found that most of them did not agree with the excessive beauty salons involving medical projects. However, it is also said that with the continuous integrity of the medical beauty system and the increase in consumer demand, medical beauty will be deepened and widely developed. This trend will make beauty clinics a new branch of beauty salons to quickly prosper the market in the market. stand up.nTrend III: Beauty services are more diverse and personalized how to bring real benefits to consumers. This is reflected in the personalization and diversification of service, and pays more attention to consumers' deep needs. The current beauty salon is not only providing professional beauty care, but also provides customers with more comprehensive value -added services. Today's beauticians often play an indispensable role in the life of customers.nTrend II: Two models of beauty salons have become more mature with the development of the beauty industry and the characteristics of consumers. The beauty salon has a significant differentiation in the business model -that is, the fast -food beauty experience and positioning in large communities in large communities High -end beauty club. Consumers entering beauty salons no longer just pay attention to body shape and skin, but more to alleviate emotions and make uncomfortable body health care. On the other hand, many high -end beauty clubs rely on large communities to grasp high -end customers by improving services and quality. Such beauty salons pay more attention to details and characteristics.nHope to help youn3 morenBleak

  4. There are really many recruitment needs in the beauty industry. Many recruitment units want to recruit every month. Often, more recruitment companies are more than students. Students who have good technology, good image, good eloquence, and suffering are definitely very sought -after in the beauty industry. Well, if it is a low education, the level of cultural level is not high, and wants to find a stable job, a beautician is a very good choice.

  5. With the continuous development of the economic level, the development prospects of the beauty industry are getting better and better.
    The rapid development of the overall economy brings the crowd's requirements for self -form
    The improvement of personal economic strength provides feasibility guarantee for the profit industry's profits
    The strengthening of medical and health supervision makes the beauty industry move from refutation to miscellaneous direction to the way of refutation towards Regular
    Therefore, the prospects of the beauty industry are getting better and better.

    The concentration, broadness, demonstration, dominance and phased characteristics of the beauty industry. Statistics, more than 200,000 professional and technical personnel and related personnel engaged in medical plastic surgery and beauty in 2009. Medical institutions, such as medical plastic surgery, and cosmetic diagnosis and treatment business, such as medical plastic surgery hospitals, clinics and departments, ), The total operating income of the annual annual operating is more than 15 billion yuan, excluding personnel who are engaged in the beauty industry without qualifications, and those who have only received medical plastic surgery services have reached about 3 million.

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