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  1. As the WeChat platform is becoming more and more popular in the social group, many loan companies have moved their products to the social platform of WeChat, and can apply for loans by focusing on WeChat public account. This method not only increases the audience of the loan, but also makes the loan application more convenient and fast. So, how many WeChat loan public accounts that borrow money? Let's take a look together.
    M finance
    M finance mainly provides personal consumer loan services for consumers. The loan amount is 1,000-8000 yuan, and the monthly interest is repaid on a monthly basis. Applicants are required to have a job, income or student certificate.
    Ophana loan
    Ogly loan is the first Internet microfinance product of Weizhong Bank. Naturally, it has its own WeChat public account. It starts from 500 yuan and the maximum amount is 300,000. About 18%, the whitelist invitation system is used.
    360 debit
    360 debit is 360 Financial unsecured pure credit ID loan platform. There is a WeChat public account on WeChat. The maximum borrowing amount is provided, and the longest support period supports one year.
    Xiaomi Loan
    Xiaomi loan is a loan platform for Xiaomi, and you can also apply on WeChat. Xiaomi loans can provide you with a maximum of 200,000 yuan, and the daily interest rate of loans can be low to be able to pay back and pay interest according to the number of days.
    Jingdong Gold Bar
    Jingdong Gold Bar is a loan platform for Jingdong Finance. On WeChat, you can borrow money through WeChat loan public account. The maximum loan amount of Jingdong Gold Bar can reach 200,000 yuan, supporting repayment in 1-12 months.

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