1 thought on “How to buy and eat in the WeChat group! Add a food group purchase group”

  1. Now there are more and more merchants on WeChat, and the activities are endless. Generally, it is divided into three ways: First, directly personal sites, according to personal preferences, or sharing needs; sharing the circle of friends in the circle of friends regularly, this article can be replaced with WeChat groups. Event, sharing out, if necessary, you can directly click on the participation. Second, the merchant number, the subscription number, you can send a free group information every day. According to internal needs, set the event options, and carry out unified groups to send micro -group activities to allow fans or customers of this merchant to participate in interaction. Third, the WeChat platform developed by a third party is more flexible. You can set the corresponding page and update the micro -group activities regularly to allow the internal fans to participate in and enjoy the benefits from time to time.

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