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  1. Chapter 1 General Principles

    In the successful conduct of the recruitment of Weifang Engineering Vocational College in 2020, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the college and candidates, in accordance with the "Education Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China" and The relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education and our province, combined with the specific situation of the enrollment work of the Weifang Engineering Vocational College, formulate this charter.

    The first charter is applicable to the enrollment work of the Weifang Vocational College of Engineering in 2020.

    The admission work of Weifang Engineering Vocational College to implement the principles of "fair competition, fair selection, open procedures, comprehensive assessment of morality, intellectual, physical and labor, comprehensive evaluation, and selection of excellent admission".

    It's enrollment work of Weifang Engineering Vocational College accepts the supervision of disciplinary inspection and supervision departments, news media, candidates and their parents and all sectors of society.

    Chapter 2 College Overview

    The full name of the college: Weifang Vocational College College Code: 14379

    College of college: Shandong Shandong: Shandong Zip Code, No. 8979, Yunmen Shannan Road, Qingzhou City: 262500

    The sixth college school level and type: High vocational (specialist); public general college

    Seventh seventh seventh Basic situation of the college:

    The college is a public full -time general college, with Qingzhou Yunmen, Linglong, Phoenix and Weifang Golden Horse, and Wolong. Department of Teaching (Academy, Ministry). The college now has 50 general vocational majors, with a total of more than 13,623 students. It is a nationwide -oriented training of non -commissioned officers, an advanced unit of innovation and entrepreneurial education in the national higher vocational colleges, the high -quality high -quality vocational colleges in Shandong Province, the characteristic school of the character training of the skill training of Skills of Shandong Province, the excellent college of the talent training work level of Shandong Province, the first of Shandong Province The colleges of higher vocational education, the pilot institutions of the modern apprenticeship system in Shandong Province, the pilot unit of education informatization in Shandong Province, and the Civilized Campus of Weifang City.

    The college's existing full -time teachers, including 48%of the master's and doctoral degrees, and 52.5%of the "dual -teacher" teacher. More than 550 industries have the backbone of enterprises and can be part -time teachers. There are 7 provincial teaching teams, 14 provincial teaching teachers and 14 provincial -level excellent teachers, with 3 national backbone majors, 2 national key majors, 2 central financial vocational education training bases, 2 countries Grade productive training base, 7 provincial specialty majors, 9 key majors in Shandong Province talent training characteristic schools, 2 provincial brand professional groups, 4 first -class professional groups in high -quality colleges in Shandong Province, 15 cities Level characteristic brands (key) majors, 8 Weifang City Key Laboratory (Engineering Technology Center), 53 provincial -level boutique (characteristic) courses, and 18 provincial -level boutique resource sharing courses. The college has more than 410 training bases inside and outside the school, of which 3 "school factories" such as the Caterpillar Training Center in the United States, and two "factories and schools" such as Shandong Yatai Machinery Co., Ltd. Modern apprenticeship training center.

    It Chapter 3 Organization

    The enrollment team leading group with the dean as the leader of the dean. The leading group is responsible for formulating enrollment policies and admissions plans, and discuss major matters and decisions.

    The enrollment and Employment Department of Weifang Engineering Vocational College is a permanent institution that organizes and implement enrollment and related work.

    It Article 10 The Supervision and Audit Office of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Weifang Engineering Vocational College is responsible for supervising the enrollment work.

    Chapter 4 Admissions conditions and admission rules

    Article 11 Admissions conditions: abide by the constitution and law of the People's Republic of China, and meet the requirements of the 2020 college entrance examination registration conditions.

    The professional training of foreign language requirements: English majors require English language, without test language. Other professional languages ​​are unlimited. After entering the school, foreign languages ​​are opened as English.

    The proportion of men and women: Direct training The proportion of men and girls in the admission plan for orientation. The proportion of men and women in other majors is unlimited.

    The requirements for physical health: Strictly implement the standards of the Ministry of Education.

    The admission batch: early approval (targeted training of non -commissioned officers), conventional approval.

    The admission rules: Strictly implement the admission policies of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute and the scheduled admission score line.

    (1) The school is admitted in accordance with the volunteer settings and submission principles of the province. For provinces that implement parallel volunteers, implement the provinces of relevant provinces, and accept the submission in accordance with the principle of "score first, follow volunteer" principles. Essence For provinces that have not implemented parallel volunteers, they are admitted in accordance with the principles of "priority of volunteer priority, from high to low scores", first admit the first volunteer candidates to apply for the school. This type.

    (2) Professional arrangements for candidates in the summer college entrance examination in Shandong Province: admitted according to the "professional school" parallel volunteer file, that is, the number of candidates from the professional enrollment plan from high to low scores, selection best admission, admission Essence If the first volunteer source is insufficient, the follow -up volunteer candidates will be admitted from high to low.

    The professional arrangements for candidates in the spring college entrance examination in Shandong Province: The school is admitted according to the principle of "score first", that is, to meet the professional volunteers of candidates from the order of high scores to low scores, schools are enrollment and admission When arranging professionalism, candidates with high skills under the same conditions.

    This candidates from Shandong Province's art majors will be admitted to the admission major from high to low when entering the file. Singing and dancing performances recognize all undergraduate institutions music and dance (corresponding to the name of art majors in the "Sea of ​​the Specialty Catalog of the Artistic Category of Shandong Province 2020"), or similar qualifications for colleges and universities. Admission to low points.

    The candidates for teachers, according to the candidates' professional volunteers, general cultural scores, and number of professional plans, priority admission to the first professional volunteer. When the first professional volunteer cannot be satisfied, arrange the second professional volunteer, according to This type. If all professional volunteers cannot be satisfied, candidates who follow the professional voluntary obedience will be adjusted according to the principles of similar volunteers from the principle of volunteers, and they will not obey those who will be retreated.

    (3) Candidates' various points and downshifts are implemented according to relevant documents of the superior.

    (4) Direct training of non -commissioned officers must conduct political assessment, physical examination and interviews in accordance with regulations.

    (5) Announcement of the admission results: the website of the Provincial Education Admissions Examination Institute, the Admissions Office of Admissions, the Academy Admissions Information Network, and the Admission Notice, etc.

    Chapter 5 Others

    After the enrollment of freshmen, the college shall conduct the review and physical examination of freshmen in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education. Students with unqualified medical examinations cancel their qualifications.

    The charging standards: College (higher vocational) each year's tuition tuition majors 4,800 yuan, science and engineering majors 5,000 yuan, art majors 7,000 yuan, school -enterprise cooperation, Chinese and foreign cooperation majors majors The charges are implemented in accordance with the provincial price bureau's approval documents. Other expenses shall be implemented in accordance with relevant documents in Shandong Province. If the charging standards are adjusted, it is implemented in accordance with the latest documents of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance, and the Provincial Department of Education.

    The regulations on refund: refund standards shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions in the "Measures for the Management Measures for the Administration of Higher Schools in Shandong Province" (Lu Zhengqi Zi [2018] No. 98) documents.

    The award -winning policy:

    The school to open up "green channels" through various forms such as "prize, diligence, assistance, reduction, loan", and fulfill " Never let a family's financial difficulties drop out of school. "

    (1) Award -winning scholarship project: National Scholarship (8,000 yuan per academic year), National Inspirational Scholarship (5,000 yuan per academic year), Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship (6,000 yuan per academic year) , Provincial Government Inspirational Scholarship (5,000 yuan/person per academic year), a national aid (2000-4,000 yuan per person per student, accounting for about 14%of the total number of students), excellent student scholarship (1,000 yuan/person, second -class scholarship, second -class scholarship 800 yuan/person, third -class scholarship 500 yuan/person), the total award -winning side reaches more than 30%.

    (2) The college sets up diligent job assistance positions and poor student rescue funds to assist students in family economic difficulties to assist them in applying for student loan procedures in the place where the students are located. Essence

    The school name and certificate types that issue academic certificates: Weifang Engineering Vocational College; General Higher Education Specialty Certificate.

    The enrollment plan shall prevail in actual provincial application guidelines.

    It 23: If there is no consistency with the relevant policies of the superior, the relevant policies of the country and superiors shall prevail. Without all matters, it is implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the superiors.

    Themine in Article 24 This charter is explained by Weifang Vocational College of Engineering.

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