1 thought on “How about Taiwan Zeqing car lathes”

  1. it is good.
    1, quality. The quality of Taiwan Zeqing car is guaranteed. Taiwan Ze Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and export of high -speed precision machine tools in Taiwan. After 40 years, it has created a well -known international trademark "Runmaster" and is well -known at home and abroad.
    2, complete models. The company's series of machine tools are divided into high -speed lathes, reinstatement of lathe, and CNC lathes. The lathe series: Rotary diameter from 13 "to 23", the center distance from 20 "to 118", the main axis pores are supplied from 41mm to 105mm, and there are 4 series and 23 different sizes of different models.

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