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  1. Top ten recognized brands of lamp lighting: AOZZO Ao Duo, NVC, OPPLE OPLE Lighting, Panasonic Panasonic, FSL Foshan Lighting, Philips Crossing, Huayi Lighting, TCL Lighting, Mini Smart Lighting, and beauty lighting.
    1, Aozzo Odo
    Odo (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., king of Internet lighting! With the rapid development of e -commerce, it has maintained high -speed growth, and Odd's four -year growth rate has exceeded 280%.
    2, NVC

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    since its establishment in 1998, Dinglness has maintained a high -speed growth. Through the independent research and development system Provide high -efficiency, healthy, healthy and comfortable artificial lighting environment. The product involves LED room, commercial, office, construction, industrial, light source electrical, home and other fields, especially commercial lighting has always maintained industry leadership. 3. OPPLE Opi Lighting
    Op Lighting began in 1996. It is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R

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