Seeking Shanghai second -hand chemical equipment market address

Who knows that there are some second -hand chemical equipment trading markets in Shanghai.

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  1. 1. Plan for implementation. From January to October 2005, each unit reported 579 materials procurement plans, a total of 4788 items, and about 600 temporary plans. The planned redeem rate was more than 99.7%. , Accidents and other phenomena, ensure the smooth progress of production and operation.
    2. Contract management. The signing of the material procurement contract can not only clarify the rights and obligations of both sides of the supply and demand, but also help enhance the reputation between the suppliers, effectively protect the interests of the enterprise, and effectively play the role of financing in the form of law. To this end, this year, the purchaser has organized the relevant provisions of the Contract Law and continuously improved the legal awareness of the purchaser. Throughout the year, a total of 42 procurement contracts were signed, with a total target of 1.8143 million yuan, fully fulfilled 40 contracts, with a total amount of 17.09 million yuan, and the contract redeemed rate was 95.2%. The average monthly financing was 2.147 million yuan, and there was no economic contract dispute.

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