5 thoughts on “Do you think it is suitable for young people to do this industry?”

  1. The profession of welding workers is very technical, can not be replaced, and the salary income is very high. I think it is very suitable for young people to do it.
    First of all, from the perspective of technical content, it is relatively simple to learn to learn welders, but it is difficult to master the knowledge of welders. Especially now many production processes require very good welding craftsmanship to be very good. This is a test of the level of welders. The level of welders can not be learned in a few months. This requires long -term accumulation to achieve it. It also proves to some extent that the sooner you come into contact with You can also improve your level earlier and complete more difficult tasks. Although young people have just left the campus, there is not much work experience, but their ability to learn and summarize experience is very strong. At this time Live, so as to have more time to improve yourself.
    The general electric welders are difficult to replace. As industrial production is becoming more and more modern, many positions are replaced by robots. For example, employees on traditional production lines will be more worried about being replaced, but the welders are not worried about these, because the welding of the machine is always welded. The craftsmanship The level is high. After many machines are welded, they must be manually replenished. In addition, the machine also needs to be artificially debugged, and this debugging work can only be operated by electric welders, because they know how to weld better. Therefore, I think that young people are better in this profession, because the replacement is really low, and it is difficult to face unemployment, and the more valuable welding is the older, because the experience is rich and can do things that others can't do.
    It, the pressure of young people is actually not small, mainly to face the expenditure before marriage and educate children. These are not small expenses, and the welders' wages are generally high. The income of work permits will be higher, which can not only meet daily expenses, but also save a lot of money. Therefore, from this point of view, young people are also more suitable for this job.

  2. It is not suitable for young people to do it. This industry has a lot to do with welding, and it may hurt the eyes, so young people may not be able to complete it.

  3. I think it is suitable for young people to do it, because the salary of this industry is very high, young people have abundant physical strength, at the same time, the learning ability is very strong, and the operating ability is very strong, so it is very suitable for young people to do.

  4. I think it is very suitable for young people to do it, because this industry needs a lot of patience and can hone the will of young people.

  5. Suitable, I think this is a very good job. It is particularly stable and very technical. It is a relatively high -quality work.

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