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  1. What is a woman suitable for entrepreneurship? What is the best industry in the 30 -year -old woman to start a business? Today, I have compiled the best industry of 30 -year -old women to start the best industry to share with everyone, welcome to read, for reference only!
    30 -year -old woman The best industry of entrepreneurship: nail beauty
    . After regular training, ordinary people can master this technology in only half a month. The tuition fee is only about 2,000 yuan. Coupled with the start-up funds of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, a nail center that includes a nail-in-action project including dry cracking hand care, nail color stickers, color spray, hand-painted patterns can be built smoothly. 1) Initially invested in instrument and equipment at one time (phototheraper, dryer, small pots, etc.) of about 1200 yuan; 2) monthly expenditure: more than 1,000 yuan in nail materials; 3) leases: thousands of yuan to 10,000 yuan; 4 ) Artificially: Flexible commission according to performance; 5) monthly income: net income generally exceeds 10,000 yuan.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: couple clothing store
    The couple clothing store takes urban young people as the main consumption target, as well as the children's market and middle -aged and elderly market. In terms of leading fashion trend, it basically includes major consumers of about 400 million 18-35 years old. The group has the following characteristics:
    1) The hunting is strong and likes new things; 2) the degree of consumption rationality is low, and the money is expected to cost money; 3) the income level is high and the consumption is strong. The couple station has three major systems: gift treasures, accessories, and supplies. It provides a huge complementary space for the daily operations of the specialty store and provides customers with rich choice.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: Driving the fashion MM jewelry store
    F fashion jewelry allows girls to release youthful vitality, and the beautiful complex allows girls to generously solve the case.
    If's survey of the Chinese women's jewelry market in China, the per capita share of the women's jewelry market in my country is less than 5%, while Japan reaches 98.2%, Thailand is 68%, Hong Kong is 54%, Singapore is 48%, Malaysia is Malaysia as a 47%. At present, the consumption rate of women's supplies in my country is increasing at the annual growth rate of 19%. Girls become the main body of small jewelry consumer groups, and they need to meet the fashionable and low price of jewelry. Therefore, the potential of the small jewelry market is huge and has great development value.

    The best industry of a 30 -year -old woman starts: Join clothing store
    , Selling the only clothes and accessories, the store we choose is located in the downtown, so the rent is more expensive, 8,000 yuan a month, 1 employee, a monthly salary of 800 yuan, plus water and electricity costs, each month, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the monthly, the month's month The expenses exceeded 10,000 yuan. Friends will travel to Hong Kong almost every month, so the expenses of the purchase will save a lot, but the price of clothing is relatively high, so the price of each clothing is bound to increase, and it is planned to be priced at about 300 yuan.
    advantages: today's clothing consumption advocates personality, wearing leisure, diversification, and personalization. Vanity psychology. Moreover, because the expenses of the purchase of goods can be saved, the cost is reduced a lot, and it is a good entrepreneurial choice.
    A disadvantage: It is obvious that the cost of clothing is high, so that the pricing has to be higher, and most people who like to buy clothing in private shops are mostly the psychology of "Amoy" with cheap "Amoy", and the mall of the mall. Due to competition and crazy prices, people can see the same high -priced clothing, which will produce the psychology of "spend so much money than buying cards in the mall".
    The conclusion: Opportunities and risks coexist. If you do well, the return on investment is considerable, and the chance of success is 50%-60%.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: "DIY" candle aroma shop
    diy candle should try all styles when making. Some shop owners themselves think that certain types of products are not produced at all. Remember that you are choosing for customers, and the taste and requirements of different customers should be different. Try to be exquisite and complete as possible in order to attract attention.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: open a warm home store
    modern people are increasingly paying attention to life taste, especially young housewives. More and more people are tired of home decoration style like hotels, and hope to enjoy a warm and natural rural life at home. The small shops focusing on natural, warm, comfortable and casual Japanese -style home -style home -style shops can help them realize this dream. The small shop is mainly based on the natural, warm, comfortable Japanese -style rural style home living supplies. The products include the editors of Fujikang, chapters, fabrics and porcelain. These customers are people who pay attention to the taste of life and pursue the interest of life. Among them, new good men who like home furnishings, of course, young women still account for the majority.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: Flowers are made into crafts
    The "craft flower" with many varieties and novel styles has become a popular flower variety in Japan, and its market demand has risen significantly.
    The so -called "craft flower" is to change the previous flower sales methods. According to various special needs, flower dressing is dressed up to make it more beautiful. Its craftsmanship is added to the flavor and color change, and it can also be decorated with various silk, ribbon, etc., and then packaged with special flower baskets and gift boxes. The Japanese attach great importance to the quality and personality of flowers. As long as the intention is, many people buy it even if the price is high.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: "DIY" Chocolate Square
    Chocolate is the favorite of many people. It has a smooth taste and rich nutrition. Now some savvy merchants have started a hand -made chocolate business. Provide customers with raw materials and tools, what kind of chocolate wants to eat, and customers do it by themselves. The process of making chocolate is not complicated. As long as the chocolate raw materials are melted, pour it into a special mold, and then deduct it for a few minutes. There are two fire eyes below a small operating table, which are specially used for heating raw materials. It doesn't matter if there is no artistic foundation, you can pour chocolate juice in the mold. The chocolate is dry, and all kinds of cute and interesting chocolate will be made. Simply and conveniently become a major feature of chocolate workshop, coupled with the symbol of sweet love, so it is deeply loved by young people.
    The best industry of 30 -year -old women starts: cosmetics shop
    1) Site: Near bus stations, nearby communities;
    ) Investment: 500,000 yuan in starting funds, stores with better positions in general positions The rent is about 200,000 yuan/year, and the purchase fee is controlled at about 100,000 yuan. It is best to act as a kind of cosmetics with nursing service guidance and a single brand, such as Herborist. If you do it yourself, you can go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find the source of the supply, and first explain the situation to the supplier. Each product is advanced 1-2 samples to avoid excessive purchase costs.
    It varieties, daily necessities can be more, such as basic care products such as moisturizing, cleaning skin, and scrubbing creams in appropriately, and these products are relatively small. Some necessary equipment, such as the import instrument, ion sprayer, beauty bed and water heater, etc., it costs about 80,000 yuan; 3) operation: customers pull customers, cosmetics are very rich, most brands will give retailers Less than 30%discount.

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