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  1. According to the senior practitioners of Yueyue Industry, people who come to Beijing to be the most from the moon are the most from the northeast, followed by Hebei and Shandong, because the population base of these areas is large, which is close to Beijing.
    1. The Yueyue who applied for the screening should be screened. Some people with too little literacy, more spiritual attachment, or those who have problems with medical examinations will be brushed off in the first round, and the rest will receive training. The training time is generally about two weeks, and some will be trained for two months. The content includes nursing, housework, etiquette, behavioral specifications, etc.
    2, those who have no experience in their career participated in the training of Yueyue, they could not take the job immediately. Instead, they must start with parenting and accumulate for a period of time. It depends on personal ability.
    3, the evaluation criteria of each company at Yueyue are different. The practice of a domestic government company in Beijing is to evaluate and appraise Yuezhang from the dimensions of the foundation, experience, skills and other dimensions. Repeat the upgrade based on customer evaluation and test results.
    4, the monthly salary of the gold medal month in Beijing is mostly between 15,000 and 18,000 yuan, and the housekeeping company will deduct 30%of commissions from this money. Basically below 15,000 yuan, customers dare not use it.
    5. In the Yueyue industry, the professional skills certificate is knocking on the stepping tile. Whether it is from a housekeeping company or a private month, certificates are a manifestation of personal ability. The number of certificates, work experience, and annual evaluation results are all capitals that have improved the level.

    extension information
    If according to the "Family Maternal and Baby Care Service Specifications" issued by the National Standard Committee, according to the different work experience and service skills, Maternal and infant life care services can be divided into one -star, two -star, three -star, four -star, five -star and gold medal level six, of which one star is the lowest level and the gold medal level is the highest level.
    The national standard is not compulsory, many companies are in accordance with their own standards. The higher the salary of the other level, the higher the salary. According to national standards, the five -star Yuexun has 5 years of work experience, but some housekeeping companies are difficult to level according to this standard in order to retain the moon.

  2. The "Gold Medal" assessment does not have standards
    Ms of Ms. Gao had been in the month for more than ten years. According to her, the so -called "gold medal month" did not have a hard definition standard, and the quality of the service quality of many "gold medals" service Not the same. Some so -called "gold medals", even children will not hold it.
    So how did the "Gold Medal Moon" come from? Ms. Gao introduced that Yueyue is generally divided into junior, intermediate, and senior, and there are gold medals, and some senior Yueyue will hold a mother -to -child caregiver certificate or infant qualification certificate. The higher the level of Yueyue, the higher the salary. Due to the different levels of the market, the monthly salary ranges from 4,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan. For the evaluation criteria for the "gold medal Moon", most of the housekeeping companies are mainly based on the number of babies, the length of the career, etc. of the Yueyue himself, which means that its "authentication and randomness is greater than the greater accessibility. "".
    Ms. Gao said that it is not advisable to determine the experience of a Yuezhang's experience based on the number of babies he has brought by Yueyue himself. Some Yueyue was fired in advance because the quality of service was not closed, and it was considered a child. If a Yueyue was fired three or five times, her "experience" was also very "rich".
    The monthly training fee
    Ms. Gao said, in fact, she was also a nanny at the beginning, and then she chose to be a moon. "At that time, I felt that the month was much better than the nanny, and the work was not much worse. I also brought the children. It was nothing more than to change the clothes and make a mother." Ms. Gao said.
    So Ms. Gao chose a housekeeping company and proposed that she wanted to be a month. The company's staff said that he had to train first, and the training fee had to be paid. "At that time, the staff member told me that the training fee was paid. After a short period of training, I will receive the corresponding certificate, so that I can" hold a certificate to the job ", and its income will increase significantly." In order to have any can be available. A better future, Ms. Gao finally paid money to participate in the training.
    In Ms. Gao's eyes: "I was lucky at that time, that company was more formal. During the training, I learned a lot of very practical practical skills, laying a good foundation for my later work."
    The test certificate is very simple
    The question of pre -job training, Ms. Gao said: "At the regular monthly training institution, it is very strict with the management of the training of the front of the month. It is enough, and the lecturers are also very good, so that the service quality of Yueyue can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. But the problem is that the driver of the interests, some informal housekeeping companies, as long as the citizens of Yueyue pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can pay for money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be able to pay the money, they can be paid by the citizens of Yueyao. After receiving the so -called 'training', the lecturers are basically some old -qualified Yuexun. The training of these monthly crickets is basically not targeted. Often, I think of where. It ’s talked about leisurely days, and new moon people often have a real gain.”
    The non -formal companies will also arrange for exams after the training, but the test process is not very strict. As long as the course hours are sufficient, the exam will be arranged, and the pass rate of the exam is extremely high. After passing the exam, the next thing is to receive the certificate, and the "holding the certificate" will be natural.
    "Gold Medal" is called packaging
    has "people rely on clothes and horses to rely on the saddle". Ms. Gao said: "The levels of Yueyue are defined by each house government company, and the primary, intermediate, senior, and gold medals are judged by the company. Do your best to pack yourself or the 'general Yueyue' into the "gold medal moon". "
    , this point was confirmed in further interviews of the reporter. Mr. Song, a citizen, said, "In order to take care of my children, I have invited three 'gold medals, but they are not too satisfied with me. Even one of me is not as good as me." Mr. Zhao, a citizen, once invited such a "gold medal month". This monthly service level is pretty good, and there is a certificate of a senior mother -to -child caregiver. But accidental opportunities, Mr. Zhao found that the Yueyue did not know the word. This made Mr. Zhao very wondering. Since she is not literate, how does her certificate come?
    Mrs Gao introduced that in fact, the gold medal is not too strict in the industry. As long as the company said that you are a gold medal, others have no way to verify it. It can only be verified by the customer's service level after employment.

  3. In the Yueyue industry, there are people who are mixed with fish and dragons. There are very good moonlights, and there are unprofessional and bad temper. The reliable monthly concubine is mainly reflected in two points: First, it is diligent and numb, professional skills are excellent, and the concept of parenting is correct. Second, the character must be reliable and keeps credit, and it is for no reason.

    Pamed parents should polish their eyes, "see more", "ask more", "more listening". Look at the dress, appearance, talker, and details of Yueyue; asking for childcare, how to take care of the mother, how to take care of the baby, how to make a confinement meal, how to answer her, and the evaluation of the people who have heard. To sum up in one sentence, we must understand the monthly 嫂 and screen for multi -directional, multi -channel, and multi -angle.

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