1 thought on “Which client group should you add skin care products to WeChat?”

  1. Selling skin care products on WeChat to add women and beautiful men such as women and beauty.
    . Skin care products:
    1, protection, protection also; skin, skin also; product, product also. Skin care products, that is, skin care products that protect the skin.
    2. With the continuous progress of society and economy and the richness of material life, skin care products are no longer what the wealthy people have used in the past.
    3. Nowadays, skin care products have entered the home of ordinary people. It has played a great role in improving people's spirit and image.
    . Women's beauty:

    1, cleansing milk should be fully foam, the water temperature should not be too high, 15-20 ° C is appropriate, the slightly cool temperature helps to wake up the muscle.
    2. Wipe the entire face with a lotion with a cotton pad to adjust the balance of skin oil and water.
    3, moisturize the whole face with a moisturizing spray, and use your hands to help absorb it.
    4, apply the moisturizing essence with lymphatic presses.
    5, finally wipe the whitening milk.
    . Men's skin care:
    1. The movement of massage can promote the metabolism of cells, thereby absorbing the skin care products faster. Skin cells have "memory". If the skin is in a state of fatigue and relaxation for a long time, then the aging speed will be accelerated for a long time, and wrinkles will be more and more. Your cells have remembered that the skin is "relaxed". Then you want to return to the tight state and spend more effort.
    2, the massage movement of the peace exhibition can make the skin relaxed due to fatigue, keep the skin elasticity at all times. In the long run, the wrinkles will not be so easy to climb your face.
    3. Avoid the light aging in sleep, do not go to sleep when you turn on the light! Because once the skin cells encounter light stimulation, the conditions are reflected in alert contraction, which is not conducive to the deep absorption of the night cream, and there are many skin care. The ingredients, especially whitening ingredients, are absorbent, which not only does not whiten, but makes your skin dull.
    4. If the light is directly illuminated on the face, it is even worse. Not only is it not conducive to the skin's repair at night, you will find that the skin looks particularly tired and obscure after getting up, and the signs of aging will appear. Therefore, if you want the skin to better complete its night repair work, don't forget to turn off the lights before going to bed.
    . The importance of sales channels:
    1. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises in the market through technological leadership and innovation.
    2. The resource created by the sales channel system has a supplementary role in the development of the manufacturer.
    . The characteristics of WeChat marketing:

    1, point -to -point precision marketing: WeChat has a huge user base, with the advantages of mobile terminals, natural social and position positioning, each information can be possible. Pushing can give each individual a chance to receive this information, and then help merchants to achieve point -to -point accurate marketing.
    2. Flexible and diverse drifting bottle: The user can publish voice or text and then put it into the sea. If there are other users "fishing", you can start a dialogue.

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