High school physics-capacitor?

Specifically explain the content of the picture, such as: the symbol of the potential P, the grounding effect in the typical situation. Quick, thank you

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  1. Two of the conductors close to each other, a layer of non -conductive insulating medium is clamped in the middle, which constitutes a capacitor. When the two polar plates of the capacitor are added with a voltage, the capacitor is stored in charge. The capacity of the capacitor is equal to the amount of charge on the electrode plate from the voltage between the two polar plates. The basic unit of capacitors of capacitors is Fara (F). In the circuit diagram, letters C generally use the capacitor element.
    The capacitor plays an important role in circuits such as tuning, bypass, coupling, filtering. The tuning circuit of the transistor radio should be used for it, and the coupling circuit, bypass circuit, etc. of the color TV must also be used.
    With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the update speed of digital electronic products is getting faster and faster. Consumer electronics products mainly based on tablet TVs (LCD and PDP), laptops, digital cameras and other products continue Growth has driven the growth of the capacitor industry.
    The introduction
    Capacity is an component of storage power and electrical energy (potential energy). One conductor is surrounded by another conductor, or the conductor system that is terminated in another conductor is called a capacitor.
    The capacitor formula of parallel board capacitors:

    Among them, UA-Ub is the difference between the two flat-line boards, εr is relative dielectric constant, K is static electric constant, S is two board positive positive positives Dive area, D is the distance between the two boards. Note: The electric field in the parallel board capacitor is a uniform electric field. [3]
    The capacitors are different from the capacitor. The capacitance is the basic physical quantity, symbol C, and the unit is F (Fara). [3]
    M general formula C = q/u, parallel board capacitor special formula: board electric field strength E = U/d. [3]
    The main parameters of the capacitor edit
    (1) Named electricity capacity, which is a capacitance marked on the capacitor. However, the actual power capacity of the capacitor is the same as that of the
    capacitor charging process

    Them named electric capacity is deviated, and the accuracy level has a corresponding relationship with the allowable errors. General capacitors are commonly used Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and III, and electrolytic capacitors are used to indicate capacity accuracy with ⅳ, ⅴ, and ⅵ grades, and choose according to the purpose. The capacitance value of electrolytic capacitors depends on the impedance presented at the time of work under AC voltage. With the changes in the operating frequency, temperature, voltage, and measurement method, the capacity will change accordingly. The unit of capacity is F (method). [4]
    Since the capacitor is a "container" that stores charge, there is a problem of "capacity". In order to measure the capacity of the capacitor storage charge, the physical quantity of electricity capacity is determined. Capacitors must be stored under the action of external voltage to store charge. Different capacitors may also be stored in the same voltage. Internationally stipulates that when the capacitor is added to the capacitor, the amount of charge it can store is represented by the letters of the capacitor (that is, the power under the unit voltage) of the capacitor. The basic unit of capacity is Fara (F). Under the influence of 1 volt DC voltage, if the charge stored in a capacitor is 1 Cullen, the capacity is set to 1 Fara, Fara is expressed by symbol F, and 1F = 1Q/V. In practical applications, the capacitors of capacitors are often much smaller than 1 Fara, and they often use smaller units, such as the MF (MF), Micro Method (μF), NAF (NF), Pitter (PF), etc. They The relationship is: 1 micro method is equal to one millionth of Fara; 1 leather method is equal to one millionth of the micro -method, namely: [5]
    1 Fara (f) = 1000 mm (MF); 1 millimeter; Method (mf) = 1000 micro method (μF); 1 micro method (μF) = 1000 natta (NF); 1 Na method (NF) = 1000 leather (PF); that is: 1F = 1000000 μF; 1 μF = 1000000pf. [5]
    (2) The rated voltage can be continuously added to the maximum DC voltage of the capacitor at the minimum environmental temperature and rated ambient temperature. If the working voltage exceeds the resistance of the capacitor, the capacitor will be broken down and causes damage. In reality, as the temperature rises, the pressure resistance will become lower. [4]
    (3) Insulation resistance. The DC voltage is added to the capacitor to generate the leakage current, and the ratio of the two is called the insulation resistance. When the capacitance is small, its value mainly depends on the surface state of the capacitor; when the capacity is greater than 0.1 μF, its value mainly depends on the medium. Generally, the greater the insulation resistance, the better. [4]
    (4) Losses. The capacitor is called loss due to the energy consumed by the heat during the unit time under the influence of the electric field. Losses are related to the frequency range, medium, conductivity, and resistance of the metal part of the capacitance. [4]
    (5) frequency characteristics. As the frequency rises, the capacity of general capacitors shows a decline. When the capacitor works below the resonance frequency, it is manifested as capacity; when it exceeds its resonance frequency, it is emotional. At this time, it is not a capacitor but an inductance. Therefore, we must avoid capacitor work above the resonance frequency. [4]
    In DC circuits, capacitors are equivalent to disconnecting circuits. Capacitors are a component that can store charge and one of the most commonly used electronic components. [6]
    This to start with the structure of the capacitor. The easiest capacitor is composed of the pole plates at both ends and the middle insulation medium (including air) in the middle. After power -on, the polar plate is charged to form a voltage (poor potential), but due to the middle insulation, the entire capacitor is not conductive. However, this situation is under the prerequisites that do not exceed the critical voltage (breakdown voltage) of the capacitor. We know that any material is relatively insulating. When the voltage at both ends of the material increases to a certain degree, the material can be conducted. We call this voltage for a breakdown voltage. The capacitance is no exception. After the capacitance is penetrated, it is not an insulator. However, at the middle of the middle, such voltages are not seen in the circuit, so they work below the breakdown voltage, which can be regarded as insulators. [6]
    , in the AC circuit, the direction of the current becomes a certain functional relationship change over time. The process of capacitor charging and discharge is time. At this time, a change of electric field formed between the polar plates, and this electric field is also a function of changing over time. In fact, the current is passed by the capacitor through the form of a electric field. [6]
    The role of capacitors:
    ● Coupling: The capacitance used in the coupling circuit is called a coupling capacitor, and the capacitor circuit is used in large quantities in blocking capacitors and other capacitor coupling circuits, which is separated by separation. DC communication. [6]
    ● Filter: The capacitor used in the filter circuit is called a filter capacitor. This capacitor circuit is used in power filtering and various filter circuits. Remove. [6]
    ● Antuctive coupling: The capacitor used in the degenerate circuit is called a degenerate capacitor, and the Coupling circuit is used in the DC voltage supply circuit of a multi -stage amplifier. The harmful low frequency interface. [6]
    ● High -frequency vibration: The capacitance used in high -frequency anti -vibration circuit is called a high -frequency vibration capacitor. In the audio negative feedback amplifier, in order to eliminate the high frequency self -excitement that may occur, use it, adopts the use This capacitor circuit is used to eliminate the high frequency screams that the amplifier may appear. [6]
    ● Resonance: The capacitor used in the LC resonance circuit is called a resonant capacitor. This capacitor circuit requires this capacitance circuit in parallel and series resonance circuits. [6]
    ● Wingrser: The capacitors used in the bypass circuit are called bypass capacitors. If the circuit needs to remove the signal of a certain frequency band from the signal, you can use the bypass capacitor circuit and according to the removing signal removed, according to the signal removed, the signal is removed. Different frequencies, there are all -frequency domain (all AC signals) bypass capacitor circuits and high -frequency bypass capacitor circuits. [6]
    ● Neutralization: The capacitors used in neutralized circuits are called neutralized capacitors. In the high -frequency and medium frequency amplifier in the radio, in the high -frequency large -frequency large -frequency large -frequency large velocity, this neutralized capacitor circuit is used to eliminate self -excitation. [6]
    ● Time: Capacitors used in the timing circuit are called timing capacitors. Use a regular capacitance circuit to control the time control of time control through the capacitor charging and discharge, and the capacitor controls time constant size. [6]
    ● Points: The capacitors used in the integral circuit are called integration capacitors. In the synchronous separation circuit scanned by the potential field, this integral capacitance circuit is used, and the synchronous signal can be taken from the field composite synchronization signal. [6]
    ● Dimension: The capacitor used in a differential circuit is called a differential capacitor. In order to obtain a spoof trigger signal in the trigger circuit, this differential capacitor circuit is used to obtain the top pulse trigger signal from various types (mainly rectangular pulses) signals. [6]
    ● Compensation: The capacitors used in compensation circuits are called compensation capacitors. In the bass compensation circuit of the card seat, this low -frequency compensation capacitor circuit is used to enhance the low -frequency signal in the sound release signal. In addition, And high -frequency compensation capacitor circuits. [6]
    ● Self -lifting: The capacitor used in the self -lifting circuit is called a self -lifting capacitor. The commonly used OTL power amplifier output class circuit uses this self -lifting capacitor circuit to increase the signal by a small amount through a positive feedback method. Half a week. [6] rn●分频:在分频电路中的电容器称为分频电容,在音箱的扬声器分频电路中,使用分频电容电路,以使高频扬声器工作在高频段,中频The speaker works in the medium frequency band, and the low -frequency speaker works in the low frequency band. [6]
    ● Load capacitance: refers to an effective external capacitance that determines the load resonance frequency with the quartz crystal resonator. The standard values ​​commonly used in load capacitors are 16pf, 20pf, 30pf, 50pf and 100pf. The load capacitance can be adjusted appropriately according to the specific situation. By adjusting, the operating frequency of the resonant can be adjusted to the nominal value.

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