2 thoughts on “Is the headhunter work so well? Do you know it?”

  1. The challenge of the headhunting industry is still very large, and the overall ability and quality requirements of individuals are relatively high. If you can cultivate in the headhunting industry for several years, if you eat through a certain industry, your income and development will be very good. After all, you will be very good. After all, you will be very good. The crowd you are in contact with is relatively high -end, and it will affect you subtly. One more important thing is to choose the right headhunting company. Among the domestic headhunting companies, Kori is the first ladder company of the local headhunter company.

  2. The work of the headhunter is really not so easy to do, because his job is very challenging. You must find the right talent for some companies in a short time, so you must spend a lot of effort.

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