1 thought on “How to build a new retail ecology of physical stores? Community marketing is the key”

  1. Since the concept of new retail sales has been proposed, all walks of life are exploring new retail models that are in line with industry development characteristics. Appeal.

    The palm Hi APP team pointed out that in such an environment, the value of the store has changed, not only the sales function. The core function of the store is drainage and an important traffic entrance. How to build a store into an important traffic entrance and become a customer connector and social center, which is the new value of stores that need to be created in the new retail environment. It can be said that new retail stores are very valuable and more valuable. But how to build a new store value needs to be thought clearly.

    "The store must be well integrated offline and online, you need new tools and weapons to empower yourself." Selling products to build a lifelong customer value, retail stores should establish the concept of community operation as soon as possible.

    The new retail is first of all traffic retail, which is a customer -centric retail. Regardless of various aspects such as drainage and building lifelong customers, social means are the most effective. To have the ability to have omni -channel in the new retail of the store, the store must be made into a community center. Under this ideological guidance, the socialization of store retail will be an important change direction. Create the social attributes of stores and increase the social function of the store will become the standard configuration of the store. By improving the social functions of the store, linking customers, enhancing viscosity, and creating lifelong customer value.

    The stores that only return to user needs, perceive user needs, and meet the needs of user needs may open a new chapter in retail stores for the future community economy. The palm Hi APP is a community marketing weapon created by the operating needs of the comprehensive store store. It has a variety of display forms, making social operations more flexible and easier, helping merchants use personality and unique products, using scenes and experiences to enhance stores to improve stores Competitiveness!

    The new retail in the store also has its own ecological chain. Around this ecological service, there are many things to do. The most significant is the community economy. The community economy is essentially an ecological economy. The main trend of e -commerce in the future is social new retail. In the face of the trend of the era of new retail community e -commerce, many businesses have already fully deployed new retail community e -commerce and new ecology.

    The products must be customized behind the community, and the product is converted into services at the same time. Ecology is the key. In the competition of the new retail ecosystem, enterprises can only take a timely and effective response to the environment quickly to occupy a place in the survival of the fittest market.

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