5 thoughts on “How to contact reliable anchors?”

  1. 1. Signing platforms
    The general Internet celebrity anchors will have a contract with the brokerage company. The anchor needs a supporting platform to better build its own personal brand, and the income will be relatively stable, and the content of the live broadcast will also have corresponding regulations.
    2. The amount of fans is more
    The number of fan volume, which shows the influence and popularity of anchor in this field. The more fans, the greater the influence. The influence of the star.
    3. There are product promotion experience
    The anchor of Internet celebrity has shifted from the original platform to the live broadcast of e -commerce products. Fans of each anchor will have a certain sense of trust in the products recommended by the anchor. Therefore, an experienced anchor, in terms of product promotion cooperation, the conversion rate is also better.
    wants to find the cooperation resources of an anchor of the Internet, you can broadcast different platforms, or directly enter different small programs. It contains the entire platform's Internet celebrity anchor. The information is true. Anchor.

  2. What type of anchor,
    , two methods, the first without a gift. Every day the anchor is launched as soon as possible, go to the show, pull the popularity, active live broadcast room, let the anchor remember you, and then privately send the anchor, and then go to the anchor's WeChat group,
    , Slow brushing has no effect, brush madly, if you brush slowly, then you still have a possession, pull the popularity, and cooperate with the anchor to activate the live broadcast room.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer you can send privately to the anchor, or ask the anchor friend, but can you look at your level of speaking?nThere will be no personal contact information on the networknIsn't this nonsense?nAnswer if the signing anchor can contact the companynAsk him with contact information, I won't find itnHis homepage has contact information, I won't find itnThe best way to answer the anchor to the anchor is to pass the businessnQuestionnnAnswernLet me see it for younYou wait for menDid you find a question?nAnswer this is his previous onenNow that service bar has been cancelednthen there is notnYou can watch it in his big sizenDo you think this has two words?nThis is the service he refers tonAsk you if you are deceiving?nDo you want bad reviews?nThe answer is truenYou see his trumpet really has no servicenAnd he really has a servicenAnd I also took a screenshot for younIt also proved my statementnAlso reasonablenI just hope I can guide you in a correct directionnI didn't try to lie to younMore 28nBleak

  4. It depends on which aspect of the anchor you want to contact. Generally, there are contact information when the anchor live broadcast (the type of business cooperation)
    usually the kind of big anchor's millions of fans is more relied on The small anchor of the spectrum generally does not recommend economic exchanges unless you know deeply

  5. The difference between the live broadcast company is that its products and selling points are the anchors. The anchor is the core. How the platform builds operations and management, it is best to find professional things to do professional things. The best way is to find a regular brokerage company cooperation and take less detours

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