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  1. Guangzhou Decoration Company includes: famous craftsman decoration, Xuanyi decoration, housekeeping house distribution, snail nest home lazy province heart decoration, star art decoration, Juxuan decoration, Jindi new home and other old brands. Considering these aspects such as construction technology, followed by price.

    This to check here to check how much money does it cost to renovate the house in Guangzhou? : [Enter the unit area, get the quotation list for free online]

    Prived decoration companies, owners can understand "Tuba Rabbit", China's largest one At present, there are more than 110,000 decoration companies and suppliers (these decoration companies in Guangzhou are also among them). The company is in the country, and it is very convenient to buy decoration materials.

    In decoration to select the decoration company. As long as the decoration plan is set, you can basically wait for the decoration to be completed, because the Tuba Rabbit has the decoration guarantee, which is a "decoration fuel custody" and "engineering supervision" launched by the decoration owners. "Complete free guarantee service, and the dual guarantee for the owner to renovate the money and the quality of the project, the owner does not need to pay any fees.

    The independent quality inspection services will also be given to help the owner accept the quality of construction, ensure the quality of the project, and eliminate hidden dangers. Because the decoration is not the same as the mobile phone and TV, the cost of quality is very expensive, and it directly affects daily life, so we must check the quality. It is not necessary for ordinary people to become decoration experts for more than ten years or even longer. The best choice is to find a professional person to help us get good.

    It also need to learn more about the decoration dry goods and avoid the lightning area of ​​the decoration. Please continue to pay attention to our official number of the Tuba Rabbit. In the future, we will answer more decoration knowledge for everyone. Finally, I will send you a benefit. Click the link to register and send 3 units design solutions: [Click here to receive the design plan for free]

  2. As a coastal city, Guangzhou is far exceeding many inland areas. The same is true of the decoration industry. It starts a lot earlier. Many inland areas are learning Cantonese -style technology. Many decoration companies in Guangdong come to inland areas. 10,000 or 100,000 are units, registered, unregistered, studio, guerrillas, and so on. Essence Essence

  3. There are too many Guangzhou Decoration Company, but when you choose a decoration company, you still recommend that you go to the field to investigate and make a decision.
    Hak of Guangzhou Decoration Company? How to find a good decoration company?
    1. Positioning decoration grade
    If you just want to do simple basic decoration, the range of optional decoration companies is relatively large. Simple decoration does not require high requirements. The construction process is the key target. If the taste requirements of individuals are high and want to live more comfortably, and high requirements for design level, decoration quality, and material environmental protection, then you can choose a mid -to -high -end Guangzhou decoration company with a more cost -effective and higher cost -effectiveness. If you want to install luxury, it is suitable for choosing brand companies with strong design strength and deep company, master -level designer, ultra -first -class materials and construction. Small decoration companies generally undertake small -sized decoration cases. They may be difficult to competent.
    2. Decision budget
    The decoration is an unlimited consumer product. Houses of the same apartment area can be resolved with simple decoration of 50,000 to 60,000, and 500,000 to 600,000 can also be resolved. The decoration budget of each family is different, and corresponding planning needs to be made according to its own economic strength. When you have a clear decoration budget, you can better choose different types of decoration companies.
    3. Choose a high -quality decoration company
    Choose the decoration company. Xiaobian compares this sentence, "The expensive is not necessarily good, but the good is definitely not cheap." The level of price and engineering quality is still very large. Some decoration companies have deep routines. They like to seize the psychology of human love to take advantage of small cheapness. In the early stage, they were seduced at low prices and promotions. When judging the Guangzhou decoration company is not high -quality, first look at the decoration quotation. It is unreasonable for too high and low and low. Too low does not meet the market conditions. The basic cost cannot be guaranteed. It is in line with your own decoration budget.
    4. Regarding the level of design water, you can refer to the previous design cases of the decoration company or communicate directly with the designer. Initially examine the professional literacy of the designer. To understanding.
    5. In the end is the process, there is no good or bad decoration, and a true conscience company must have a complete set of construction acceptance standards. The decoration company should be a service -oriented company, not a marketing company.

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