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  1. Community operations and marketing can be said to have always been a very hot topic, and have achieved significant results on some brands, such as Xiaomi mobile phones, Fan Deng Reading Club, etc. But in fact, not every community can operate so successfully. Most communities have not been able to survive for a week. The quality of the group is poor, it is difficult to maintain, and it cannot be transformed.

    The five problems commonly existed in community operations

    . The level of community planning is almost 0

    Carn operation. In fact, many people are actually many people. It is still in the initial stage, and I don't know how to build a social framework correctly. It is purely to build a group for the establishment of the group, and directly pull the user to the group. The remarks and setting group regulations probably explain the theme of the group, and then take office for its free development. If there is a demand, it will be advertised in the group. There is no demand, and I don't know how to maintain and manage the management of the community.

    2. Lack of incentive mechanisms

    The quality community cannot be separated from three elements: good incentive system, content creator, and high -quality group managers. At present, basically the valuable content creators of all communities are group owners, and the high -quality content output by group members is basically zero. Therefore, we must draw a clear value of value to the content creators, group managers, activists, and other group members. The inspiration of the people's congress that contributes to the people who make contributions will allow everyone to interact and contribute enthusiasm.

    3. Lack of efficient communication. Valuable content is difficult to precipitate

    The big problem to chat with WeChat group is difficult to save valuable content. There are more chat records in the group, and we often push all the content of dry goods. I saw the smooth saves, and I didn't miss the message in time. Most of the communities were nonsense all day long. Other members occasionally found out that they did not have their own needs. Naturally, the number of group news was getting less and less, not to mention answering questions in the group to share knowledge.

    4. Centered on personal interests, ignore the feelings of group members

    Many communities to shout the community every day is decentralized. In fact, it still serves individuals. Benefit. For example, do not allow others to advertise, but you can advertise yourself, saying that he is sending welfare. People are selfish, how do you serve yourself and how to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for building a community. You think you can get more like this, but it's not. In the end, it will only make everyone lose interest and attention to the community. rn rn 5、社群运营工作没重点rn rn 社群数量一多,你会发现运营人员每天的工作就只剩下做社群日常管理了,像What sending a group of welcome words, group members who monitor the advertisements in the monitoring group, ask questions from members in the group, send some messages one by one, and so on. If you can occupy a lot of time in these complicated and trivial things all day, then there is time to do a good job of community operations. In fact, these tasks can be handed over to community management tools like chat dog WeChat assistants. After all, the essence of community operations should be the maker and user of the rules, not the work of an online customer service.

    . Finally, it is easy to build a group, and it is difficult to manage the group. If the community wants to form a certain scale, there must be a set of successful operating mechanisms. Through the above content, I hope to bring some inspiration to you who want to do or be a community.

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