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  1. 1. Open WeChat, click [Settings] in the lower right corner and enter 2. Find [GM] and click to enter 3. Click [Group Assistant] 4. Select the object you want to send to 5. Edit the content you want to send to WeChat (WeChat) is a smart terminal
    1 launched by Tencent on January 21, 2011. Open WeChat and find settings.
    M: WeChat card holds the application after the application is turned on. 1 Put the WeChat client with a mobile phone, log in to WeChat and click the menu under the WeChat interface (me) and click (set) option to enter WeChat settings. 2 After entering the (set) interface, click (General) menu. 3 After entering the (general) menu, click (function) menu. 4 Enter (function) dishes

    2. Click General.
    that is not successful, it may be a large video capacity. WeChat Video: First of all, you must log in to your own WeChat account, then click the address book on the screen to enter the address book window. Click on the address book window to see the name of the friend who wants to send the video to see, as shown in the figure: click to send the video to send the video After the name of the friend, enter the detailed information window of the friend

    3. Click the auxiliary function in the general application.
    This is impossible. The information sent by WeChat can only be withdrawn within 2 minutes, and there is no way for more than 2 minutes. Some people say yes, in fact, just want to cheat money

    4. We can see that there is a group assistant in the auxiliary function, we click to enter.
    If you do not respond after you send it, you may not succeed if you do n’t reply. There is only one who did not succeed. He did n’t have a friend to delete it. Otherwise, if you have your friends, you can do 100 % success! After the group hair, you can not see the group content in the chat history of your friends. Only when the other party sees it, you will see the name of the friends in the group when you click on the group.

    5. Group hair.
    The WeChat group elsewhere can not be realized by other people's information, and the message reminder can only be set to message exemption. The specific operation steps are as follows: 1. First click to open the "WeChat" application on the mobile phone, and then click on this page to set up a WeChat group chat that is free to disturb. 2. Then click the "" button in the upper right corner on this page. 3. Ran

    6. Select the object to be sent, click Next, and enter what you want to say.
    The in the morning is a good place to swim. In the WeChat settings, there is a group assistant. Select group sending friends on the top to edit a good information and send it. It is very convenient and fast.
    The expansion reading, the following content may be interested.
    It how to send information on WeChat makes people not see
    WeChat group sending without relying on software, its own group sending function can only send 200 people at one time
    The two hundred at the same time these two hundred people at the same time. Personally, you can choose freely, but you must be your friend,
    Che you want to send a message in the WeChat group according to your meaning, and then you don't want to be seen by someone. This is a wooden method!
    Why I can't see the news sent by WeChat group, I can't see it, I can't see it, some can be seen, what is the reason why this is!
    The should not be successful, or you are not in that group at all.
    In the news on WeChat, can others see that it is group distribution?
    In the news on WeChat, others can't see that it is a group.
    The use of the rules of group assistance
    If you need to send the same content to multiple friends group (without creating a group), you can use the "group assistant" to send messages to each friend group. The specific operation is as follows:
    group sending method:
    In in WeChat [I]-> [Settings]-> [Universal]-> [Function]-> [Group Assistant]-> Group hair], then choose a friend to help you send the message alone to multiple friends.
    The difference between chatting with the group is:
    The friends who choose to choose cannot view each other.
    The rules used by group assistance:
    1, do not support animation expressions;
    2, the content cannot include the URL; : Up to 200 people;
    5, there is no number of clockworks for the current*.
    In the news on WeChat, can others see it
    Hello! I am very happy to answer you. Except for the group who is in the group, the group is invisible. What method can let you see the
    of others who pull you black, send a message to the other party, and you can see that the news is rejected. The circle of friends was blackened. If you want to see if the other party has deleted you, you can build a group of chat -add friends, do not chat after building, the other party does not add you to have a prompt for your friend, screenshots, find out one by one.

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