5 thoughts on “Which of the crawler crane is the strongest in China?”

  1. The stronger is Sany Heavy Industry, Zhonglian Heavy Section and Xugong Group. These three are now giant crawlers with a level of more than 1,000 tons. Among them, XCMG Group launched a maximum of 2,000 tons of super tracking cranes in 2010; Zhonglian Heavy Section launched a maximum super tracking crane in May 2011; The world's largest crawler crane, the maximum weighing 3600 tons!

    The strongest thing in general should be Sanyi heavy work. Sany Heavy Industry Track Crane has been series, especially in super tracking cranes.

  2. Each has its own Qianqiu. XCMG is very powerful in the crane, road press, and paving machine. Sany is very good on the excavator, and the overall strength of the concrete pump is very good, but the overall strength of XCMG is the boss of China Construction Machinery. Essence
    TO XCMG is the boss of the Chinese machinery industry, but the profit of Sany is the highest in the machinery industry.

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