5 thoughts on “Is there a future in the home appliance cleaning industry?”

  1. Answer any industry is feasible, whether it is an emerging industry or a sunset industry. Choosing a certain industry is not how much money can be made, but the industry you like to choose. You will be the happiest and most motivated in this way. Because since you asked that, getting rich overnight is getting farther and farther away from you. What you have to do now is to find an industry you like and do it all the time. Don't care if there is a future, can you make money. You can continue to precipitate in the industry and keep in touch with more people, so you will stand higher and your thinking is getting wider and wider. When you are not confused. The home appliance cleaning industry is one of the sections of housekeeping services, as well as water pipe cleaning. Housekeeping service personnel are scarce, and home appliance cleaning is also a topic of people's daily discussion, and prices are also stable. Do it now, do your own services, and serve your own customers. Be careful and work hard. This industry can be done well.

  2. The home appliance cleaning industry is very good. Now the popularity of home appliances, who has no air conditioning, hood, water heater, washing machine, these all need to be cleaned regularly. Do a good job in the early stage, accumulate connections, and business will not be bad. There are no professional appliance cleaning people in many places, and people who want to clean them cannot be found.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to serve you. I hope my answer can solve the problem smoothly. Please help, please like it, thank you! I am writing the answer for you, please wait a momentnIf it is said from a large range of home appliances, I believe that within two decades, this is a very promising industry. Because I firmly believe that no matter how developed technology is, it cannot be solved within 20 years. For example, the air filter element in the use of air conditioners is getting dirty, bacterial breeding in the refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, etc. question.nThe home appliance cleaning market is a big cake. It is also a promising project. But this job is also a relatively hard job. Before entering, you must prepare hardships, whether you are alone or prepare to form a team. There is also the model of choosing to enter the industry must be cautious. Just now, the home appliance cleaning industry is a big cake, and many people will have one of them. Therefore, it must be mixed with fish and dragons. Some qualified training institutions sold to entrepreneurs with some garbage equipment, and charged high equipment and franchise fees under the banner of free training. Therefore, when choosing a entering mode, be sure to lighten your eyes, look more. There is also the early stage of entrepreneurship that must be able to bear loneliness. After all, this market has been formed for more than ten years. It is impossible for you to rush to you as soon as you enter the industry. In addition to doing a good job of cleaning work and winning more customers, it is also essential to do your own publicity. Before entering the industry, clean up with some people who have failed to start a business, try to avoid some risks in joining and business, so that they will take less detoursn1 morenBleak

  4. Home appliance cleaning this industry, the prospects are broad and promising!

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  5. Without a dedicated industry, the domestic and American housekeeping industries have been relatively complete. Property companies and cleaning are integrated. Just like the car washing industry, China is also better than Europe. Will you put your own bicycle in a shop for beauty? At most, just wash and repair. The home appliance cleaning is also the same. They are only used as a kind of auxiliary service, and they have not developed into an industry.

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