2 thoughts on “Is Xining Shuimu Qingquan casual sweat steaming club opened today?”

  1. Xining Shuimu Qingquan Casual Sweating Club, will the door open today? It stands to reason that today's service industry will arrange employees to rest, but some waiters are foreigners. The boss will arrange for them to duty. As for whether there is business, it is another matter. Everyone knows that in our country, there are folk customs that cannot make money in the first year. Therefore, no one is willing to enjoy the service today? Even if someone likes to sweat steaming and enjoy this kind of service, he has almost done it on New Year's Eve. Therefore, on the first day of the New Year, in the customs and habits of our country, everyone still respects this cultural heritage. This is why we said during the Chinese New Year, various service industries, and business?

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