How about the prospect of 6 yuan buffet car wash shop

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  1. The prospect of the 6 yuan buffet car wash shop is still very good. With the improvement of the people's living standards, many families have purchased private cars. The price of 6 yuan self -service car washing prices is very popular. Simple buffet car washing machine, there is only a self -service car washing machine, with a simple buffet car washing assistant, the buffet car washing began.
    has no staff in the whole process of the self -guided car washing, and the owner was washing and vacuuming by the owner himself. The process is simple and easy to get started. All the water, foam, dust washing, and settlement are calculated in real time. This also saves a lot of labor costs.
    The obvious advantages of the self -service car washing machine do not have to lift the team for 20-30 minutes. There is no need to "share" the car washing worker with others. Everything only needs to drive the car to the self -service car washing machine, swipe it or mobile payment, and then use a buffet car washing machine to clean the car. rn扩展资料:rnrn虽然自助洗车相比汽修店洗车便宜,方便,自身发展方面也存在一定的弊端,并对汽修店的发展造成一定的影响,但是We also have to say that the buffet car washing still has great deficiencies in terms of user experience.

    The car owner is not professional after all, how is the effect of car washing. If you wash the car with a few dollars, the car is just cleaned at each car washing, like some sticky and stubborn small black spots, it still cannot be completely removed. In this way, the money-to-car washing money accumulated 3-4 times exceeded the price of car washing in the auto repair shop.

  2. It depends on what you need. Some of them are very large and automatic tens of thousands, and there are also common buffet car wash machines. In fact, if the venue is not particularly large, it is better to choose a buffet car washing machine for convenient installation. A few minutes of car, saving electricity and water. I bought the car washing machine by Longchi World for more than two years, and there was nothing wrong with it. The worry -free
    is convenient and fast for the self -service car washing machine. , Clean themselves, and by the way, you can also check the condition of the car. The car washing machine in the world, the car wash machine only needs to connect to the water and electricity by itself, and has never suffered any faults for about half a year. Each accessory is a well -known brand including motor pump head and hydropower pipelines. Good accessories are only good accessories. You can produce good products, don't be too cheap, a price and one point.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the prospect of the self -service car washing project is good!n1. The number of cars is increasing day by day. Buffet car washing services for the majority of car owners with one -stop self -service car washing services. On the premise of energy conservation and environmental protection, the site provides towels, mops and other materials. The car washing equipment has functions such as water, foam, vacuum, and opened for 24 hours. With the rapid growth of my country's economy, the income level of residents has continued to rise, and the number of cars has also increased day by day, and self -service car washing has generated demand. 2. The buffet car washing fills the gap of the traditional car washing market. The existing physical car beauty shops in China cannot carry such a big car. There are many disadvantages such as large investment in traditional car washing industry, high costs, stubborn, difficulty in hiring, and unprofessional car washing. Now it can be used to fill the car washing machine to fill the car washing industry's blank market gap, and the market potential cannot be estimated. 3. The cost of self -service car washing operation is low, which is more in line with the economic market. The self -service car washing operator does not need to ask for manual, and only needs to provide simple equipment and water resources to operate. Operating costs are lower than traditional car wash shops and are more in line with the economic market. Buffet car washing is a new business state that allows consumers to save money, worry, convenience, and fast. The same cleaning effect is greatly reduced, which shows that the prospects for self -service car washing are very good.nSo you can still considernKiss your question has been answered, if there are no other questions, please give me a praise to support your dearnMore 2nBleak

  4. The prospects of the buffet car washing store are still good. Many car owners feel that they are not clean to wash in the store, and some are not in place that need to be cleaned. I want to get started with myself. Especially in the city, many car owners have no chance to wash their car by themselves, and it is also very good to experience themselves.
    But if you drive a car wash in Yingkou, Liaoning, you have to consider the car washing environment. It is okay in spring and summer because the temperature is high and the cold water washing is suitable. But in autumn and winter, the winter in Liaoning is very cold, and the car is quite difficult to wash. At that time, there is no business.
    If into these factors, steam car washing is still relatively prospective, especially in Liaoning, whether it can be washed in winter or summer, and car washing in winter will not be freezing and can be opened throughout the year. However, steam car washing is no self -service, and someone needs to operate the car washing.

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