What do trademark agents do?

I went to an interview a trademark agency Co., Ltd.. The manager said that what trademark agent, what work did the trademark agent do? The company is private, is there a future for development?

3 thoughts on “What do trademark agents do?”

  1. First of all, trademarks are part of intellectual property and are legal services! The trademark agent simply assisted customers to complete the registration of the trademark. I also do this in myself ~ It's not bad
    Right, and it depends on whether you are interested in this industry. The hot feeling is still very promising!

    Hehe ,,,,

  2. It is a trademark business. The current trademark agency companies are private. As for the future of development, it depends on yourself ...

  3. This type of company is basically private now. As long as it is pulling business. If you are ready to develop in this area, you can exercise

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