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  1. There are many brands of powerful formaldehyde removal, but it is mainly depending on what the selected material is. There are many types of materials to remove formaldehyde, so it is recommended to ventilate for a month first, and then look at which material is considering the actual situation.
    1, bamboo charcoal, activated carbon: The principle of removing formaldehyde with bamboo charcoal and activated carbon is to adsorb the contaminated odor, but the source cannot be decomposed and can be adsorbed, but it is very small and a glass of water. For the entire space, it basically has no effect. And after the adsorption saturation, it becomes a source of pollution, which will cause secondary pollution. Therefore, it is recommended to take more Ye Guangnu adsorption, which can be used circularly without secondary pollution.
    2, plant removal of formaldehyde: absorbing air pollution, and a small amount of interrogation in the body. Although it is valid, it is very small, and the cup of water is a business. For the entire special space, several pots of plants have basically no effect. And the plant has a minimum absorption value, that is, when the concentration of pollutants increases to a certain value, the plant will no longer be absorbed.
    3, peel and other methods to remove formaldehyde only to cover up the smell, and there is no formaldehyde effect at all.

  2. Generally, we need to manage long -term pollution sources, because the short -term pollution source may be volatilized for about half a year, but pay attention to more ventilation. The release cycle of long -term pollution sources is up to several years. Therefore, it is mainly for long -term pollution sources. There are really a lot of formaldehyde removal companies in Jinan. Our company has Jinan Branch. The purchase opinions on removing formaldehyde products: photocatalysts can remove the air in the air, but it will rebound after a period of time, because the long -term pollution sources will continue to release formaldehyde Therefore, it is recommended to choose an artificial board (formaldehyde long -term pollution source) removal agent, but now many unpleasant products on the market are also called this name, so you need to choose carefully

  3. First of all, the root cause of formaldehyde is found. Generally, the formaldehyde in the room exists on the wall and the newly purchased furniture. Spray the cleaner in these positions to effectively remove formaldehyde. It is cheap and cheap but ineffective. You can try photogenin. It is a cleaner with plant extraction. It can well decompose formaldehyde. It is the same as the photocatalyst and can work in the micro -light.

  4. We generally use formaldehyde clearing agents and chemical removal agents and chemical cleansing agents.
    The physical cleansing agent can place activated carbon and Pasan soil, which can decompose and adsorb odors for a long time. After one month of placement, you can take away discard and replace it. I used to remove the smell before it was used to remove the effect.
    The chemical removal agent, such as some plant extracts, like light chloride, is extracted in the plant, as long as it is sprayed in the room, it can be more efficiently removed, which is relatively safer.

  5. To completely remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the room, we must first find the source of pollution release, that is, where the harmful substances come from; secondly, the right product is selected to completely solve the problem from the source. Only by giving the release source in place can we effectively prevent harmful substances from being volatilized into the air again and cause damage to the body.
    If de -formaldehyde products have become the first choice for many owners in recent years. The reason is that professional products can remove harmful objects from the source, and they can clear a variety of harmful objects at the same time in a short period of time. You can rest assured to stay in about 7 days.

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