How to fulfill government safety production responsibility and departmental industry supervision responsibility

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  1. Performing the government's safety production responsibility measures as follows:
    In the latest documents "Interim Provisions on the Responsibilities of Safety Production Supervision and Administrative Law Enforcement Responsibility":
    (1) Comprehensively implement responsibilities for production safety, further strengthen safety management and supervision Essence To continue to strengthen the responsibility of the enterprise, the supervision responsibilities of the government and the department, and the responsibility of the territorial management, the local governments at all levels of "vacuum" must not occur in the responsibility of production safety. Performance assessment.
    The relevant departments must effectively fulfill their responsibilities, professional supervision and industry management responsibilities, formulate and improve policy measures that are conducive to production safety, and ensure that they are in place.
    (2) Highlight the field of key industries and deepen the investigation and management of hidden safety hazards. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the provisions of road traffic safety, strengthen the safety management of vehicles and roads, strict safety access, strictly investigate illegal acts, and accelerate the construction of highway safety guarantee projects.
    The comprehensive governance of coal mine gas, continue to grasp the small coal mines to rectify and close the tackling tackling, focus on strengthening the safety management of coal mines, and prevent accidents such as gas and permeability.
    (3) Strict safety supervision and law enforcement, and in -depth action of "fighting non -governance". It is necessary to strengthen safety supervision and inspection, increase law enforcement, highlight key industries, key enterprises, highlight important positions, key links, and seek practical results.
    It to strengthen the supervision of major accidents and typical accidents, strictly investigate and deal with accident concealment and late reports, seriously investigate the responsibility of accidents, continue to carry out special supervision of the implementation of production safety responsibilities, and pay attention to the lessons of accidents to promote work.
    (4) Strengthen the role of scientific and technological support and continuously improve the level of security and emergency rescue. Establish and improve the safety technology innovation system that combines industry -university and research, start key scientific research projects of the National Science and Technology Support Program as soon as possible, and vigorously promote the construction of safety supervision informatization.
    In vigorously improving emergency rescue equipment, strengthening the construction of air rescue forces, improving the emergency material reserve system, and improving emergency response efficiency.
    (5) Consolidate the foundation of production safety and strive to build a safety prevention system. Accelerate the revision and formulation of laws and regulations such as safety production laws and regulations, and further improve and improve the standards system of regulations.
    In vigorously strengthening the standardization of safety production, and effectively do a good job of reaching the standard, professional standards, and corporate standards. Implement the relevant provisions of strengthening safety training, and focus on strengthening the safety training of high -risk industries and front -line employees.
    (6) Effectively change the work style and pay close attention to the implementation of various work measures. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the eight provisions of the central government on improving work style and close contact with the masses, firmly establish awareness of the purpose, strengthen the construction of party style and clean government, and maintain a good image of the security supervision team's law enforcement for the people.
    It to continue to care about the cadres of grassroots security supervisors, protect their work enthusiasm, and continuously improve the cohesion, creativity and combat effectiveness of regulatory law enforcement teams.
    The performance of the supervision and measures of the implementation department of the department is as follows:
    (1) Careful implementation of safety production laws, regulations, policies and policies, strengthen the publicity and education and training of safety production laws, regulations and production knowledge, improve the whole society Safety production awareness and safety skills of employees.
    (2) Incorporate safety production work into the national economic and social development plan in the region, and simultaneously prepare special safety production plans.
    (3) Strengthen the construction of safety production supervision agencies, teams and guarantee capabilities, establish and improve law enforcement agencies and occupational safety and health inspection and inspection institutions that meet the needs of safety work, and provide staff and equipment in accordance with relevant national regulations, arrange special safety production projects, arrange special safety production projects funds.
    (4) Establish and improve various rules and regulations centered on safety production responsibility systems. Improve the management system for safety production, clarify the safety production responsibilities of leaders at all levels and relevant personnel, conduct an assessment of the performance of their duties each year, and use the results of the assessment as an important part of the relevant leaders and personnel.
    (5) Organized departments to supervise and inspect the production and operation units in accordance with the law, urge production and operation units to strengthen safety production management, improve production safety conditions, create safety standardized enterprises, establish self -inspection, self -improvement, and continuous improvement safety production safety production Long-term mechanism.
    (6) Supervise and guide the safety supervision department to formulate annual safety supervision and law enforcement work plans, review approval, and urge the implementation.
    (7) Organize relevant departments to jointly enforce the law, carry out special actions of illegal governance, and ban the closure of illegal production, illegal operations, and illegal construction.
    The expansion information:
    Is governments at all levels to strengthen the responsibility for safety production supervision:
    The relevant departments of people's governments at all levels should be within their duties, in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations and rules, and strengthen safety production supervision Management, preventing various accidents, and fulfilling the following responsibilities:
    (1) Publicity and implementation of safety production laws, regulations, and rules, and the responsibility for the supervision and management of various accidents within the scope of the duties of the department and the prevention and management of various accidents. Essence Regular research, deployment, inspection, and summing up the safety production of the department to prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents.
    (2) Incorporate safety production and prevention of production safety accidents into the important agenda of the department, establish and implement the management system for safety production targets, implement the safety production responsibility system and reward and punishment system, clarify the safety of leaders and relevant personnel at all levels Responsibilities, and as an important part of assessing the main leaders and personnel at all levels.
    (3) Establish safety management agencies, equipped with safety production management personnel, and implement work funding. Implement the safety production goals issued by the governments and higher departments at the level.
    Culed to implement the responsibility of the main body of production safety, establish a system for the extraction and use of production safety expenses, the system of leadership and class, pay the safety production risk mortgage in accordance with regulations, insurance insurance insurance and production safety liability insurance.
    (4) Timely measures to monitor and eliminate hidden dangers of major accidents. Those who exceed their jurisdiction or scope of responsibility shall immediately report to the people's governments and relevant government departments of the people at the same level;
    If in the event of an emergency, emergency measures such as withdrawal from the withdrawal from the dangerous area, ordered temporary suspension of production and suspension should be taken. Report to the higher -level people's government or government departments.
    (5) Establish, promote and use new materials, new technologies, new processes, and equipment for safe production to ensure that the production and operation units in the industry meet the safety production conditions prescribed by the state.
    The government departments or institutions that implement administrative licenses and administrative approval of production safety matters in accordance with the law shall strictly conduct administrative licenses and approval in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations and regulations.
    The administrative license matters shall be strictly supervised and managed. If they do not have the conditions for safety production, they shall be urged to rectify within a time limit. If the rectification is still not available in production safety, the original administrative license must be revoked.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Interim Provisions on the Divided Responsibilities of Safety Production Supervision and Administrative Law Enforcement Responsibility

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